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Index of Persons

165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

A. C. --to-- Abigail
Abigail G. --to-- Alfred
Alic --to-- Almira
Almira F. --to-- Angeline C.
Angerline F. --to-- Anna
Anna --to-- Anne
Anne --to-- Audrey
Audrey --to-- Bessie
Bessie --to-- Betty Jane
Beulah --to-- Caroline
Caroline --to-- Celia E.
Celia E. --to-- Clara
Clara --to-- Cynthia A.
Cynthia A. --to-- Diana
Diana --to-- Edith
Edith --to-- Eliza
Eliza --to-- Elizabeth
Elizabeth --to-- Elizabeth
Elizabeth --to-- Ellen
Ellen --to-- Emma
Emma --to-- Eunice
Eunice --to-- Florence C.
Florence D. --to-- Geraldine
Geraldyne --to-- Hannah
Hannah --to-- Harriet
Harriet --to-- Helen
Helen --to-- Inger
Ingred --to-- Jane Laura
Jane M. --to-- Jessica
Jessie --to-- Juanita or Jenetta F.
Judi --to-- Kate A.
Katharine --to-- Laura
Laura --to-- Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie --to-- Lucene
Lucia V. --to-- Lucy G.
Lucy K. --to-- Lydia S.
Lydia S. --to-- Margaret
Margaret --to-- Maria
Maria --to-- Martha
Martha --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary Ann
Mary Ann --to-- Mary J.
Mary J. --to-- Mattie A.
Maud --to-- Mikkel
Mildred --to-- Myrtle T.
Nabby --to-- Neva L.
Nicholas --to-- Patricia
Patricia --to-- Phebe D.
Phebe J. --to-- Prudence
Prudence --to-- Rebecca
Rebecca --to-- Roxie
Roxina --to-- Salisbury
Salla --to-- Sarah
Sarah --to-- Sarah
Sarah --to-- Sarah C.
Sarah C. --to-- Shirlee A.
Shirley --to-- Susan
Susan --to-- Sybil
Sybil --to-- Vanessa
Vanh --to-- Zoe
a Wasco Indian --to-- Rowena Abbott
Ruby Johnson Abbott --to-- Knud Abrahamsen
Lissy Merete Abrahamsen --to-- Walter "Mike" Ackerman
Walter C. Ackerman --to-- Alice Fern Adams
Alice Gertrude Adams --to-- Davis Adams
DeWillis Adams --to-- George W. Adams
George W. Adams --to-- Joseph Crosby Adams (Captain)
Joseph Donald Adams --to-- Maude Edith Adams
Moroni Adams --to-- Sarah or Sally Adams

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