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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Scott Adams --to-- Robert Addison (Reverend)
Robert Addison (Jr.) --to-- Rachael Elizabeth Ailey
Blanche Ethel Lance Ainslie --to-- Bertha Hazel Albee
Clarissa Albee --to-- Barnabas Alden (Sr.)
Benjamin Alden --to-- Samuel Carpenter Alderman
Sheryl Alderman --to-- Anna M. Aldrich
Anna Mary "Mieka" Aldrich --to-- David Aldrich
David B. Aldrich --to-- Gerald Aldrich
Gideon Aldrich --to-- June Aldrich
Laura Ann Aldrich --to-- Nancy Aldrich
Nancy Aldrich --to-- Sally or Katherine Aldrich
Samuel Aldrich --to-- William or Wellington Aldrich
Wilson W. Aldrich --to-- Martha Alford
Abby F. Alger --to-- Abigail Allen
Abigail Brown Allen --to-- Charity Pierce Allen
Charles Allen --to-- Eliza Slover Allen
Elizabeth Allen --to-- Harriet Amelia Allen
Harriet Elizabeth Allen --to-- Khristin Felisa Allen
Lana Sue Allen --to-- Max Allen
May Allen --to-- Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen --to-- Zachariah Allen (Jr.)
Zachary Warren Allen --to-- James W. Allison
John M. Allison --to-- George O. Almy
Hazel Gertrude Almy --to-- Mary Ambler
Walter B. Ambler --to-- Jemima Ames
Jesse Hazen Ames --to-- Ebenezer Amidon
Edwin E. Amidon --to-- Sarah Isabelle Amsbury
Sarah Jane Amsbury --to-- Anderson
Anderson --to-- Emil Anderson
Emma Dorothea Anderson --to-- Maria Latham Anderson
Marjorie Leila Anderson --to-- Florence Etta Anderton
James Albert Anderton --to-- Caleb Andrews
Caroline B. Andrews --to-- Francis E. Andrews
Frank Andrews --to-- Joanna Andrews
Joanna Andrews --to-- Miriam Andrews
Molly Andrews --to-- Viola Alberta Andrews
Violet Margaret Andrews --to-- Abraham Angell
Abraham Angell --to-- Amey E. Angell
Amey J. Angell --to-- Benjamin Angell
Benjamin Angell --to-- Cynthia Angell
Cynthia Angell --to-- Elisha Olney Angell
Eliza Angell --to-- Fenner Angell
Fenner Angell --to-- Henrietta Angell
Henrietta S. "Etta" Angell --to-- James Angell
James Angell --to-- John Angell
John Angell --to-- Lydia Angell
Lydia Angell --to-- Mary E. Angell
Mary E. Angell --to-- Oliver Leslie or Oliver Lesley Angell
Oliver T. Angell --to-- Ruth Angell
Ruth Angell --to-- Stephen Angell
Stephen Angell --to-- Washington M. Angell
Waterman Brown Angell --to-- Elizabeth Annable
Esther Annable --to-- Edward Anthony
Edward B. Anthony --to-- Alma F. Appleby
Alma Harris Appleby --to-- Frances Appleton
Frances E. Appleton --to-- William Archer
Ivetta de Arches --to-- Miranda Armes
William Armes --to-- Hyrum Armstrong
Hyrum Robert Armstrong --to-- Aaron Arnold
Aaron Arnold --to-- Anna Arnold
Anna Arnold --to-- Brenda Arnold
Caleb Arnold --to-- Daniel L. Arnold
Darius Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold --to-- George Carpenter Arnold
George E. Arnold --to-- Holden Arthur Arnold
Horace Arnold --to-- John Arnold
John Arnold --to-- Lillie Marion Arnold
Lois E. Arnold --to-- Martin M. Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Mr. Arnold
Nancy Arnold --to-- Ralph Albert Arnold
Ralph Waldo Arnold --to-- Samuel Smith Arnold
Samuel W. Arnold --to-- Steven Arnold

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