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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Kathleen Aitken --to-- Elizabeth Lowder Albert
Henry Clay Albert --to-- John Alden
John Alden --to-- Abby M. Aldrich
Abel Aldrich --to-- Azuba Aldrich
Benjamin Aldrich --to-- Elizabeth Aldrich
Elizabeth Aldrich --to-- Irvin R. Aldrich
Ishmael Aldrich --to-- Marion Aldrich
Marion W. Aldrich --to-- Philip C. Aldrich
Philip William Aldrich --to-- Squire Aldrich
Stephen Aldrich --to-- John Park Alexander
Kirkland Barker Alexander --to-- Joseph Mabbett Allcott
Levi B. Allcott --to-- Avery Allen
Azariah Allen --to-- Debra Joy Allen
Delbert E. Allen --to-- Geoffery Michael Allen
George Allen --to-- John A. Allen
John Bradford Allen --to-- Mary Allen
Mary Allen --to-- Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen --to-- Wilber George Allen
Wilber Price Allen --to-- Poul Alling-Dam
Preben Alling-Dam --to-- Lucy Almond
Alice Almy --to-- Alice Amaden
Frank Amadon --to-- George Lester Ames
Hannah Ames --to-- Elijah Amidon
Emma E. Amidon --to-- Julia Amsden
Lucretia Amsden --to-- Agatha G. Anderson
Agnes Anderson --to-- Frank Anderson
Frank Howard Anderson (Reverend) --to-- Neil Levi Anderson
Nida Anderson --to-- Julia Amelia Andres
John Andrew --to-- Chester Andrews
Chester B. Andrews --to-- George L. Andrews
George Lippitt Andrews --to-- Jonathan Andrews
Joseph Andrews --to-- Penelope Bennett Andrews
Perry Andrews --to-- Milton A. Andrus
Ronald Dean Andrus --to-- Albert Gorham Angell
Albert H. Angell --to-- Anna or Ann Angell
Anne Eliza Angell --to-- Caroline M. Angell
Caroline Randall Angell --to-- Deborah Angell
Deborah Angell --to-- Emma Adelaide Angell
Emma F. Angell --to-- George Edwin Angell
George F. Angell --to-- Huldah Angell
Ida Angell --to-- Jeremiah Briggs Angell
Jeremiah O. Angell --to-- Lemuel Angell
Leo H. Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nathaniel Angell
Nathaniel Angell --to-- Richard Angell
Richard Angell --to-- Sarah J. Angell
Sarah M. Angell --to-- Thomas Angell
Thomas Angell --to-- Abel Angier
Edward Angier --to-- Anne Anthony
Arthur Wilbur Anthony --to-- Katherine B. Antonson
Elizabeth Antram --to-- Thomas Edwin Appleby
Thomas Sayles Appleby --to-- Mollie Archer
Olive Zetta Archer --to-- Bryan Hall Armbrust
Jacob Hyram Armbrust --to-- Gilbert S. Armstrong
Helen Eldredge Parker Armstrong --to-- Aaron Arnold
Aaron Arnold --to-- Anna Arnold
Anna Arnold --to-- Caleb Arnold
Calvin Arnold --to-- David Arnold
David Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold --to-- George W. Arnold
George W. Arnold --to-- Isabella Marr Arnold
Isabella or Isabelle Arnold --to-- John Rice Arnold
John Rice Arnold --to-- Lucy Arnold
Lucy Arnold --to-- Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Oliver Arnold
Oliver Arnold --to-- Richard A. Arnold
Richard Earle Arnold --to-- Sarah Ann Arnold
Sarah Ann Arnold --to-- Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold --to-- William A. Arnold
William B. Arnold --to-- Mary A. Ashby
Sally A. Ashby --to-- Mabel Asper
Emily Phillips Aspinwall --to-- Earl Joseph Atkinson

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