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164224 individuals, 62260 families from file 20210116.ged (16 Jan 2021)

Kathleen Aitken --to-- Larry Dean Alberhasky or Bebee
Carrie Lunt Albert --to-- Isaac Alden
James Alden --to-- Aaron Aldrich
Aaron Aldrich --to-- Asahel Aldrich
Asahel Aldrich --to-- Effie Aldrich
Eleanor Aldrich --to-- Henrietta Aldrich
Henry Aldrich --to-- Lydia Aldrich
Lydia Aldrich --to-- Olney Aldrich
Oren Aldrich --to-- Sarah Ann Aldrich
Sarah Ann Aldrich --to-- Charles Alexander (Jr.)
Charles A. Alexander --to-- John Page Alger
Laura Alger --to-- Amelia Allen
Amelia Maria Allen --to-- Clark H. Allen
Consider Allen --to-- Ezekiel Allen
Ezra Allen --to-- Isaac Brown Allen
Jack B. Allen --to-- Louis Bradley Allen
Lucinda Allen --to-- Nathaniel Allen
Nathaniel or Nehemiah Allen (Captain) --to-- Shirley Frances Allen
Silas W. Allen --to-- Menason Allin
Thomas Gregory Allin --to-- Jessica Allred
Jordie Allred --to-- Russell Todd Alspaugh
Gertrude Alsworth --to-- Charles Parker Ames
Charlotte Ames --to-- Mehitable Brett Ames
Mercia P. Ames --to-- Robert Ammermann
Walter Ammermann --to-- Arthur Pepke Vilhelm Andersen
Brenda Elaine Andersen --to-- Carrie Anderson
Chad Anderson --to-- Jason L. Anderson
Jessie. W. Anderson --to-- Sandra Anderson
Sandra Jessica Anderson --to-- Alice Ann Andrews
Alice Eunice Andrews --to-- Edwin R. Andrews
Eleanor Andrews --to-- Henry Andrews
Henry Andrews --to-- Lillie Lovina Andrews
Lizzie M. Andrews --to-- Roade Andrews
Robert Austin Andrews --to-- Angell
Angell --to-- Alice Frances Angell
Alice Patience Angell --to-- Anthony M. Angell
Arnold Angell --to-- Charles Angell (twin)
Charles Angell --to-- Diana Angell
Dolores Angell --to-- Emor Angell
Emor Angell --to-- George M. Angell
George Randall Angell --to-- Ida Angell
Ida Anna Angell --to-- Jeremiah Angell
Jeremiah Briggs Angell --to-- Kittie Angell
Lavinia Angell --to-- Martha Angell
Martha Angell --to-- Naomi Angell
Naomi Angell --to-- Prudence or Pardon Angell
Randall Angell --to-- Sarah Angell
Sarah Angell --to-- Tabitha M. Angell
Theodore Sprague Angell --to-- William R. Angell
William R. Angell --to-- Anna Ansley
John Ansley --to-- Raymond B. Anthony
Samuel Anthony --to-- Keturah Appleby
Louisa Appleby --to-- Day Archer
Debra Lee Archer --to-- Charles "Chas" Arduser
Dale Arduser (twin) --to-- Anna M. Armstrong
Anniyah Marie Armstrong --to-- William H. Armstrong
William H. Armstrong --to-- Almira Arnold
Almira Arnold --to-- Barton Arnold
Barzillai or Bezaleel Arnold --to-- Christopher Arnold
Christopher Lippitt Arnold --to-- Eleazer Arnold
Eleazer Arnold --to-- Frances or Fannie Arnold
Francis Arnold (Jr.) --to-- Harold Lyon Arnold
Harriet Arnold --to-- Jarvis Hiram Arnold
Jean Arnold --to-- Joshua Arnold (Jr.)
Josiah Arnold --to-- Manning Arnold
Manning Arnold --to-- Mary Elizabeth Arnold
Mary Elizabeth Arnold --to-- Peter Arnold
Phebe Arnold --to-- Rufus Arnold
Rufus Arnold --to-- Simon Arnold
Sion Arnold --to-- Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold --to-- Zuriel Potter Arnold
Barbara Arnott or Arnett --to-- Asher
Annette Ashford --to-- Helen Mae Asquith
Homer Hoxie Asquith --to-- Emma Lucile Atkinson

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