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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Edward Atkinson --to-- Sherwin Joseph Atkinson
Thelma Ethel Atkinson --to-- James Arthur Atwood
James Arthur Atwood (Jr.) --to-- Evesbia Austen
Austin --to-- Samuel Austin
Samuel Hunter Austin --to-- Arthur Lewis Avery
Barrie Avery --to-- Thurber or Therber Avery
Urbane Avery --to-- Adeline Aylesworth
Anthony Aylesworth --to-- Anna Isabel Babcock
Anna Lynn Babcock --to-- Lottie Lee Babcock
Louis Babcock --to-- Paul Bachman
AnnaBell Backer --to-- Marian Constance Bacon
Marion Bacon --to-- Barbara Alden Baggaley
William Blair Baggaley --to-- Clyde Johnson Bailey
David Bailey --to-- Madilyn Elaine Bailey
Mae Bailey --to-- Larraine Baisnert
N. Paul Bajuotti --to-- Damon Baker
Deborah Baker --to-- Jeremiah S. Baker
Jessie B. Baker --to-- Mary W. Baker
Matthew Baker --to-- Thankful Baker
Thomas Baker --to-- Newton Balch
Oscar Burdette Balch --to-- Kenneth Hartley Baldwin
Kimberly Ann Baldwin --to-- Francis Herbert Ball
Frank Ball --to-- Esther Ballard
George Ballard --to-- Adin Ballou
Adin Augustin Ballou --to-- Benjamin Ballou
Benjamin Ballou --to-- Dexter Fitzhugh Ballou
Deziah C. Ballou --to-- Flavius Josephus Ballou
Flora Estelle Ballou --to-- Henry Dexter Ballou
Henry Greene Ballou --to-- John Ballou
John Adams Ballou --to-- Lydia Ballou
Lydia Ballou --to-- Moses Ballou (twin)
Moses Ballou --to-- Phebe Ballou
Phebe Ballou --to-- Sarah Ballou
Sarah Ballou --to-- Thomas Benjamin Ballou
Thomas J. Ballou --to-- Everett W. Balser
Everett Wayne Balser (Sr.) --to-- Huldah Bangs
Isaiah Bangs --to-- Comfort Barber
Crawford B. Barber --to-- Knight Henry Barden
Jonathan Bardin --to-- Leroy E. Barker
Lionel Charles Heath Barker --to-- Edmund J. Barnard
Edward Goold Barnard --to-- Corintha Lucinda Barnes
Crawford W. Barnes --to-- Lucy Barnes
Lucy Barnes --to-- Elizabeth Barnet
Joshua Lee Barnet --to-- Policy "Polley" Barns
Barnabus Barnum --to-- Paul L. Barrick
Alexander Steven Barrier --to-- Nancy Barrows
Orlando Emmet Barrows (Jr.) --to-- Mary Bartholomew
Mary A. Bartholomew --to-- Elizabeth Bartlett
Elizabeth Bartlett --to-- Mary Bartlett
Mary Bartlett --to-- William Bartlett
William A. Bartlett --to-- Samuel Rich Barton
Sarah Barton --to-- Arrilla Basset
Bassett --to-- Sarah Batchelder
Sophia Batchelder --to-- Eli Bates
Elias Bates --to-- Randell Harlan Bates
Randy Duane Bates --to-- Stephen Battey
Stephen Battey --to-- Maria Baum
Martha Melinda Baum --to-- Kathryn Rochelle Bayse
Mary Bazadier --to-- Jeremiah Beals
Lazarus A. Beals --to-- Thomas Beard
William Beard --to-- Zechariah Beardsley
Angela Nicole Beare --to-- Denise Beaudoin
Dennis Beaudoin --to-- William E. Beck
Becker --to-- Daniel Beckwith
Effie Beckwith --to-- Amy Beebe
Anson Beebe --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Beesley
William Beesley --to-- Bell
Abbie Edwina Bell --to-- Joanna Bellows
John Bellows --to-- Fred Bender
John H. Bender --to-- Tanya Benger
Preston Samuel Bengry --to-- Alice Marion Bennett
Amelia Emmeline Bennett --to-- Harriet D. Bennett

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