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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Steven E. Arnold --to-- Welcome Arnold (Jr.)
Wendell M. Arnold --to-- Freemont Aseltine
Harold G. Aseltine --to-- Margaret I. Ashley
Marietta Hoyt Ashley --to-- Nancy Atherton
Raymond Putnam Atherton --to-- James William Atkinson
James William Plummer Atkinson --to-- Almyette C. Atwell
Carle Glenn Atwell --to-- Edward Omer Auclair
Omer Colbert Auclair --to-- Darah Austin
David C. Austin --to-- Job Averell
Michelle Averet --to-- George Washington Avery
George Washington Avery (Jr.) --to-- Jefferson Axtell
Lucretia Axtell --to-- Mary Aylsworth
Philip Aylsworth --to-- Christopher Olson Babcock
Cindy Babcock --to-- Pamela Babcock
Pauline Babcock --to-- Maud Eliza Backus
Nancy Backus --to-- Patricia Anne Bacon
Penny Jane Bacon --to-- Emma Ruth Bagley
Ethel W. Bagley --to-- Ebenezer Bailey
Edna Bailey --to-- Mae Bailey
Maria A. Bailey --to-- Thomas Baird
Larraine Baisnert --to-- Cynthia E. Baker
Cyrus C. Baker (Dr.) --to-- Jacob Michael Baker
James Baker --to-- Mary Ellen Baker
Mary Emmeline Baker --to-- Susan Baker
Susan E. Baker --to-- Herbert A. Balch
James Rogers Balch --to-- George Amos Baldwin
George Emery Baldwin --to-- Caroline Augusta Ball
Celia A. Ball --to-- Willard Ball
Winifred Gertrude Ball --to-- Abigail J. "Nabby" Ballou
Abigail Sayles Ballou --to-- Ariel Ballou
Ariel Alclidus Ballou --to-- Cyrena Aldrich Ballou
Cyril or Serril S. Ballou --to-- Emily Stetson Ballou
Emily Williams Ballou --to-- Grace Reed Ballou
Halsey Ballou --to-- James E. Ballou
James Walter Ballou --to-- Leonard Ballou
Leonard Ballou --to-- Mary Ballou
Mary Ballou --to-- Oliver Franklin Ballou
Oliver Perry Ballou --to-- Roger T. Ballou
Roland Hunnewell Ballou --to-- Sina Ballou
Smith Edwin Ballou --to-- William Ballou
William Ballou --to-- Alice Eda Bancroft
Anna Bancroft --to-- Floyd Banks
Hannah Banks --to-- Mary Ellen Barber
Mary Helen Barber --to-- Henry Willard Barhitte
Jacey Jo Barhitte --to-- William Barker
William Bradford Barker --to-- Joan Barnard
John Barnard --to-- Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth W. Barnes --to-- Mary Barnes
Mary Barnes --to-- Donald Barnett
Emily Buena Barnett --to-- Charlotte L. "Lottie" Barr
Eva Barr --to-- Mary Ann Barrlett
Dorothy Enid Barron --to-- Phila Barrows
Rexford C. Barrows --to-- Tobyas Bartholomew
Tyler Raymond Bartholomew --to-- Elizabeth Bartlett
Elizabeth Bartlett --to-- Mary Bartlett
Mary Bartlett --to-- Varnum Bartlett
W. S. Bartlett --to-- Mary Lou Barton
Penelope Barton --to-- James Earl Bass (Jr.)
John H. Bass --to-- Julia A. Batchelder
Lawrence Batchelder --to-- Attena Bates
Aurilla Bates --to-- Mary Bates
Mary Bates --to-- John Battey (Jr.)
Joshua Battey --to-- Elizabeth Baum
Elmer Baum --to-- Thomas Baxter
Amelia Baxton --to-- Daniel Boone Beale
Elden Clarence Beale --to-- Susan Bean
Waldo Bean --to-- Margaret Beardsley
Mary Beardsley --to-- Frederick Steere Beattie
Harriet S. Beattie --to-- Kathleen Marie Bebee
Linda Ann Bebee --to-- Faith Elizabeth Beckford
John Wesley Beckford --to-- Robert O. Beckwith
Roy Beckwith --to-- Alice Beem

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