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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Hilda Loraine Bennett --to-- Nancy Bennett
Nathaniel Bennett (Jr.) --to-- Deborah Benson
Eliza Ann Benson --to-- Hannah Eliza Bentley
Harry Henry Bentley --to-- Mary Genilla Berdick
Augusta C. Berdine --to-- Sophia Bergman
Andris Bergs --to-- Henry W. Berry
Ila Fandora Berry --to-- Rodney Bessolo
Ashley Marie Best --to-- Dustin James Betterley
Edith Irene Betterley --to-- Theodore Betterley
Thomas Betterley --to-- Anna Bevrer
Donald Bewics --to-- Olive Bicknell
Olive Bicknell --to-- Lucretia Bigelow
Lucy Bigelow --to-- John Bildner
John P. Bildner --to-- Osborne Mowry Billings (Jr.)
Peter J. Billings --to-- Keziah Bindley
Anna Bindzar --to-- Noah Birch
Sarah Birch --to-- Birnie
Alfred Birnie --to-- Charles Bishop
Charles A. Bishop --to-- Ezra Bishop (Captain)
Ezra Bishop --to-- Jonathan Bishop
Jonathan S. Bishop --to-- Phoebe Bishop
Polly Bishop --to-- William Edgar Bishop
William Henry Bishop --to-- May Belle Bixby
Nathan Bixby --to-- Francis W. Blacker
Helen Frances Blacker --to-- Elizabeth Blackmar
Emma Blackmar --to-- Timothy Blackmer
Elmiar M. or Elmira June Blackmer or Blackburn --to-- Joseph Blaka
Mary Catherine Blaka --to-- Isabella B. Blakeman
John Leroy Blakeman --to-- Ella Blanchard
Elvira Blanchard --to-- Victoria Blanchard
Violet M. Blanchard --to-- Elizabeth G. Bliss
Emily Bliss --to-- Blodgett
Blodgett --to-- Francis Blood (General)
Henry Boyden Blood --to-- Elizabeth Slade Blunt
Eveline Blunt --to-- Anne Bocock
Edward Bocock --to-- Martin Boetlein
Jean A. Boga --to-- Nancy Kay Bolduc
Roxanne Jo Bolduc --to-- Benjamin C. Bond
Bradley Bond --to-- Diane Lee Bonner
Donald "Donnie" Bonner --to-- Lloyd E. Books
Lynda Books --to-- Joseph Borden
Kristina Diane Borden --to-- Shirley Bossert
Betty Maxine Bost --to-- Austin Alexander Boudreau
Duane Austin Boudreau --to-- Ray Bowcutt
Audrey Marie Bowden --to-- Arthur Bowen
Asa Bowen --to-- Emeline Frances Bowen
Emma Clarke or Emmie Clarke Bowen --to-- Louise B. Bowen
Lucinda J. Bowen --to-- Sarah Bowen
Sarah Bowen --to-- Frank Sewall Bowker
Martha Bowker --to-- Addie May or Addie Mabel Boyce
Benjamin Losey Boyce --to-- Malcolm E. Boyd
Maria A. Boyd --to-- Hannah Boynton
Harrietta Louisa Boynton --to-- Cora E. Brackenbury
Donald Brackenbury --to-- Joseph Bradford
Joseph Bradford --to-- Maria Bradley
Marilyn R. Bradley --to-- Sharon Lee Brahm
Lydia Brailey --to-- Roger Wayne Brandow
Timothy W. Brandow --to-- Abrey Brayton
Albert J. Brayton --to-- Leo Breen
Robert Kevin Breen --to-- Shea Martin Brett
Sibbil Brett --to-- Allen Brewster
Anna Louisa Brewster --to-- Briggs
Albert P. Briggs --to-- Nathaniel Parker Briggs
Peter Briggs --to-- Bright
Jean Bright --to-- Melvin Bristol
Sarah Sophronia Bristol --to-- Althera Brockway
Anna Laura Brockway --to-- Frances Maria Bromley
Frank Bromley --to-- Morten Olesen Brondbjerg
Susanne Brondbjerg --to-- Phebe Brooks
Ralph Morris Brooks --to-- Brower
Brown --to-- Alexander Brown
Alexander L. Brown --to-- Ann Maria Theresa Brown

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