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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Mary Elizabeth Briggs --to-- Sophia B. Brigham
Susanna Brigham --to-- Ryan Brissette
Ann Eliza Bristol --to-- Miranda M. Brock
William Brock --to-- Charles Bromley
Charles L. Bromley --to-- Schuyler Bromley
Schuyler Eugene Bromley --to-- Jerome P. Brooks
Jim Brooks --to-- Celine Brotherton
Susan Brotherton --to-- Abigail "Abby" Brown
Abigail "Nabby" Brown --to-- Amy Brown
Amy Brown --to-- Arthur Fenner Brown
Arthur Lewis Brown --to-- Caroline Amanda Brown
Caroline Amelia Brown --to-- Clarinda Brown
Clarissa Brown --to-- Dexter Brown
Dexter Brown --to-- Elisha Brown
Elisha Brown --to-- Emma Mae Brown
Emmit Ray Brown --to-- Freeman Brown
Gamet Leota Brown --to-- Harriet M. Brown
Harriet Susan Brown --to-- Hosanna Brown
Hosea Brown --to-- James Dell Brown
James Eric Brown --to-- John Brown
John Brown (twin) --to-- Joseph Henry Brown
Joseph Leonard Brown --to-- Linna Brown
Lizzie Brown --to-- Margaret Brown
Margaret Ann Brown --to-- Mary Brown
Mary Brown --to-- Mercy Elizabeth Brown
Meredith Ann Brown --to-- Needham B. Brown
Nellie Brown --to-- Philip Tenney Brown
Phillips Hamlin Brown --to-- Rozella Brown
Ruel Elgin Brown --to-- Sarah Eliza Brown
Sarah Elizabeth Brown --to-- Susannah Brown
Susannah Brown --to-- William Brown
William Brown --to-- James Browne
Jane Browne --to-- Roxana Brownell
Sabrina Brownell --to-- Linda Sue Bruce
Mary Blake Bruce --to-- Parmelia Brunson
Adam de Brus --to-- Frank Bryant
George Elmer Bryant --to-- Carolee Ann Buchanan
Helen Amelia Buchanan --to-- Mary "Polly" Buck
Mary I. Buck --to-- David Bucklin
David Whipple Bucklin --to-- Elizabeth Bucknam
Elmira Knight Bucknam --to-- Belva Budge
Justice Alfred Budge --to-- Flora Buell
John Bancroft Buell --to-- David P. Buker (M.D.)
David Perry Buker --to-- Burton C. Bullock
David Bullock --to-- Birdie Luella Bunker
George Bunker --to-- Raymond C. Burbank
Robinson Burbank --to-- Billings C. Burdick
Billings S. Burdick --to-- Archibald Burgess
Arthur Pershing Burgess --to-- Laura Burgess
Leona Frances Burgess --to-- Deedrah Laverne Burgoyne
Douglas Earl Burgoyne --to-- Tera Burke
Terrance Michael Burke --to-- Barlingstone Burlingame
Bayard Battye Burlingame --to-- Emily Josephine Burlingame
Emma Angell Burlingame --to-- James Parmenas Burlingame
Jane Burlingame --to-- May Burlingame
Mehitable Burlingame --to-- Sarah Maria Burlingame
Seward Dempster Burlingame --to-- Henry Lawrence Burnett (Major General)
James Burnett --to-- Henry Eben Burnham
Henry Larcom Burnham --to-- Thomas Burnham
Wallace Clinton Burnham --to-- Ezekiel Burr
Ezekiel Burr (Jr.) --to-- Robert Sterry Burrough
Robert Sterry Burrough --to-- Elizabeth Burt
Fanny Mooar Burt --to-- Natalie Burton
Nettie P. Burton --to-- William Aldrich Bushee
Margaret Bushey --to-- Brian K. Butcher
Doug Butcher --to-- Jeduthan Butler
Jonathan or James Butler --to-- Annie Butterfield
Berneice Butterfield --to-- Laura Buttrick
Levi Buttrick --to-- Carol Lavern Bybee
Mark Bybee --to-- Lilly Cade
George William Cadman --to-- Shirley Jane Cady
Shubael Cady --to-- Georgia Rama Cain

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