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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Glenn Edward Cain --to-- Sarah Francis Cain
Steve Cain --to-- James Caldwell
James Dahl Caldwell --to-- Mary Ann Calkins
Mary J. Calkins --to-- Richard Camarda (Jr.)
Henry F. Cambell (Reverend) --to-- Campbell
Campbell --to-- Earl Campbell
Edna Campbell --to-- Jennifer Lynn Campbell
Jessie Campbell --to-- Robert Alan Campbell
Robert Bruce Campbell --to-- Barbara Caneday
David Caneday --to-- Joseph Canedy
Lephe Canedy --to-- Harriet Canfield
Horace Canfield --to-- Richard Callister Cannon
Robert Cannon --to-- Fred Capps
Hallie Sue Capps --to-- Louise A. Capron
Lucia Jane Capron --to-- Alwin Card
Ardelia D. Card --to-- Andrew Merrill Carey
Anna Mae Carey --to-- Margaret Sprague Carleton
Roger Sampson Carleton --to-- Melissa Brook Carlson
Mindy D. Carlson --to-- C. Carney
J. J. Carney --to-- Curtis Charles Carpenter
Cynthia Carpenter --to-- Jennie Louise Carpenter
Jeremiah Carpenter --to-- Pardon Carpenter
Patience Carpenter --to-- William M. Carpenter
William Manley Carpenter --to-- Mercy Carr
Merebah Carr --to-- Earl Martin Carroll
Edmund Carroll --to-- Derryl Carson
Edward Geary Carson --to-- Arthur Carter
Barrett Carter --to-- Edward Carter
Edward Carter --to-- Herbert D. Carter
Hiram Carter --to-- Leland Giles Carter
Lena Carter (twin) --to-- Orval Lorenzo Carter
Parley Pratt Carter --to-- Tamma M. Carter
Terry Earl Carter --to-- Barzilla Cary
Caleb Cary --to-- Mildred Elissa Caryl
Jody Marie Casabon --to-- Eileen Mary Casey
Francis J. Casey --to-- Orville A. Cass
Pearl Cass --to-- Alva Chandler Caswell
Alva John Caswell --to-- Henry Caughenour
Martha Belle Caughenour --to-- Isabel Chace
Jennie Ida Chace --to-- Zechariah Chafee
Zechariah Chafee --to-- Nettie Chaffee
Newman Chaffee --to-- Elizabeth Chamberlain
Ellen P. Chamberlain --to-- Sarah Chamberlain
Sarah Chamberlain --to-- Perry Henry Chambers
Robin Howard Chambers --to-- John Chandler
John Chandler (Deacon) --to-- Thomas Francis Chaphe
Thomas Grant Chaphe --to-- Adelaide Chapman
Adeline Chapman --to-- Gladys Mae Chapman
Glen Chapman --to-- Mercy or Mary Rhodes Chapman
Miriam Chapman --to-- Emma Jo Chapple
Harry Ekland Chapple --to-- David Chase (2nd)
Delila Chase --to-- John Chase
John Alfred Chase --to-- Ruth Chase
Ruth Naomi Chase --to-- Ellen Louisa Whipple Cheever
Esther Cheever --to-- Amanda Cherry
Dora Cornwall Cherry --to-- Ezekiel Chew
David Chewning --to-- Watie Ann Chilson
Whipple Olney Chilson --to-- William Henry Chipman
William Henry Chipman --to-- Edna Christensen
Emil August Christensen --to-- Stephanie June Christensen
Stephen Eric Christensen --to-- Floyd Overton Christopher
George Parker Christopher --to-- Horace Church
Horace Howard Church --to-- Agnes Churchill
Amelia Churchill --to-- Clifford Clapp
Elizabeth Williams Clapp --to-- Amos M. Clark
Anastasia Clark --to-- Darrel Clark
David Clark --to-- Franklin Chase Clark
Franklin Haven Clark (Jr.) --to-- James Byron Clark
James C. Clark --to-- Lucy Frances or Mary Frances Clark
Lucy Whipple Clark --to-- Orpha Lurene Clark
Otis Mason Clark --to-- Thomas Clark
Thomas Clark --to-- Constance Clarke

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