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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Rowland Morrell Cannon --to-- Abigail "Nabby" Capron
Addison E. Capron --to-- Martha Capron
Mary Ann Capron --to-- Elisha Card
Elizabeth G. Card --to-- Edward Carey
Eleazor Carey (Deacon) --to-- Margaret Rubidoux Carley
Polly Carley --to-- Gilbert Carlton
Ginger Kay Carlton --to-- Abigail Carpenter
Abigail Carpenter --to-- Elizabeth Carpenter
Elizabeth J. Carpenter --to-- Lorenzo Carpenter
Lucy Carpenter --to-- Samuel Allen Carpenter
Sarah Carpenter --to-- Donald Carr
Dorothy Carr --to-- Randy Carraher
Robert Carraher --to-- John Carruth
Louisa Carruth --to-- Carter
Carter --to-- Chloe Carter
Chris Jense Carter --to-- George Dominicus Carter
George W. Carter --to-- John Ephraim Carter
John Ferrl Bery Carter --to-- Mary Trueworthy Carter
Marybah Roxena Carter --to-- Sarah H. Carter
Sarah J. Carter --to-- Glen Caruth
Albert Carvel --to-- Rufus Henry Cary
Sally Cary --to-- Mary E. Case
Mary Jane Case --to-- Jarvis Jillson Cass
John Cass --to-- Mabelle Castle
Nellie A. Castle --to-- John C. Cattelle
Kate Olive Catterlin --to-- Eliza Ann Chace
Elizabeth Chace --to-- Lincoln Davenport Chafee (Senator)
Lorna Graham Chafee --to-- Mary Chaffee
Mary "Molly" Chaffee --to-- Edmund Chamberlain
Eli Chamberlain --to-- Robert Whipple Chamberlain
Sarah Chamberlain --to-- Perry Henry Chambers
Robin Howard Chambers --to-- John W. Chandler
John Whipple Chandler --to-- Beth Ann Chapin
Brenda Sue Chapin --to-- Angeline Chapman
Ann Marie Chapman --to-- Harry Chapman
Harry Chapman --to-- Ori E. Chapman (Jr.)
Ori Edwin Chapman --to-- Mary Charlic
Homer A. Charlone --to-- Elizabeth Chase
Ellanor M. Chase --to-- Lydia Chase
Lydia Chase --to-- William W. Chase
Zenas Bernard Chase --to-- Eunice Cheney
Frances M. Cheney --to-- Walter Samuel Chesbro
Winifred Lester Chesbro --to-- Gary Wayne Childress
Alvira Childs --to-- Eugene Augustus Chipman
Eunice Lucille Chipman --to-- Elizabeth Chrisman
James Chrisman --to-- Magdalene or Malene Christensen
Margaret Christensen --to-- Teddy Christiansen
Antone Christianson --to-- Dolly Church
Elenor Church --to-- Reuben Church
Reuben Whipple Church --to-- Isaac Claflin
James Claflin --to-- Albert David Clark
Albert H. Clark --to-- Clara S. Clark
Clarence Howard Clark --to-- Everett A. Clark
Experience Clark --to-- Ida Audine Clark
Ina Oneta Clark --to-- Lovosco R. Clark
LuAnn Sue Clark --to-- Norman Clark
Olney Arnold Clark --to-- Thankful Clark
Thomas Clark --to-- Craig Louis Clarke
Desire Clarke --to-- Marie Clarke
Marion Clarke --to-- Bessie Young Clawson
Carlie Louine Clawson --to-- Archer Lynn Clayton
Archer Robert Clayton --to-- Celia Maria Cleaves
Kenneth Dean Cleere --to-- Mary Clemence
Mary Abbie Clemence --to-- Theresa Clements
Thomas Hugh Clements --to-- Maxwell P. Clevenger
Rebecca Clevenger --to-- Seville Cline
Tamar Cline --to-- Kelly Cloward
Margaret Ann "Annie" Cloyd --to-- Charley Cobb
Charley Cobb --to-- Richard Hadley Cocheneur (Jr.)
Roxana Cocheneur --to-- William Code
Tallulah Codington --to-- Mercy or Mary Coggeshall
Patience Coggeshall --to-- James W. Colburn

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