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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Jeremiah Colburn --to-- John Coldwell
Keziah Coldwell --to-- Ethel Mae Cole
Ewell L. Cole --to-- Michelle Anne Cole
Morris Caroles Cole (Reverend) --to-- Emeline Coleman
Ester Coleman --to-- Elizabeth Amy Collier
Elsie M. Collier --to-- Hattie Collins
Hazel Collins --to-- Clara Abigail Coltman
Thomas Coltman --to-- Henry J. Colwell
Hovey Kidder Colwell --to-- Jacob Combs (Jr.)
Jacob Combs --to-- Alpha Comstock
Amelia Townsend Comstock --to-- Franklin Hallett Comstock
Freelove Comstock --to-- Mercy Comstock
Metcalf Comstock --to-- Amos Conant
Amos F. Conant --to-- Charles Congdon
Charles Everett Congdon --to-- Allie Conkey
Elizabeth Conkey --to-- Louise Connell
Mrs. Connell --to-- Helen Constant
Laura Constantini --to-- Abigail Cook
Abner Cook --to-- Berosus Cook
Betsey Cook --to-- Eleazer or Eleazor Cook (Jr.)
Eli Cook --to-- Harry Cook
Harry Ballou Cook --to-- Leonard Cook
Leonard Cook --to-- Mary Cook
Mary Cook --to-- Reuben Cook
Reuben Olney Cook --to-- Walter Sabin Cook
Warren Aldrich Cook --to-- Mary Cooke
Mary Cooke --to-- Felix Cooley
Francis Brown Cooley --to-- Sally Coolidge
Sally Coolidge --to-- Steven Coombs
Susanna Jackson Coombs --to-- Harry W. Cooper
Heiress Cooper --to-- Leon Henry Copans
Phillip "Phil" Copans --to-- Eva L. Corbin
Floyd Corbin --to-- Evalena Viola Corey
Fanny Corey --to-- Alice T. Cornell
Amey E. Cornell --to-- Jill Dianne Correy
Larry D. Correy --to-- Arthur Stockdale Cosler (III)
Arthur Stockdale Cosler --to-- Coughlin
Arthur R. Coughlin --to-- Oliver Cousins
Percival Haliburton Cousins --to-- Charlotte Elizabeth Cowans
Roberta Coward --to-- Doris Ann Cox
Elias Cox --to-- Bernice A. Coyle
Thomas Albert Coyle --to-- Moses Craft (Lieutenant)
Moses Mills Craft (Captain) --to-- Elijah Craige
Mary Craige --to-- James Cramp
Sarah Sinnock Cramp --to-- Elizabeth C. Crandall
Elizabeth May Crandall --to-- Lyle Mauger Crandall
Lyman Howard Crandall --to-- Crane
Crane --to-- Austin M. Cravath
James R. Cravath --to-- Mary Bernon Crawford
Mary Jane Crawford --to-- Jonathan Cressey
Joseph Cressey --to-- Alice Crist
Anna Katherine Crist --to-- Sarah Elsie Crocker
Susie E. Crocker --to-- Mary E. Crook
Benjamin Crooker --to-- Sarah Meralda Crosby (twin)
Stoughton B Crosby --to-- Sally Cross
Sally Cross --to-- Amy Esther Crouch
Amy Esther Crouch --to-- Elizabeth Irene "Lizzie" Crouch
Elizabeth M. Crouch --to-- Jeffrey Crouch
Jessie Emeline Crouch --to-- Nancy Crouch
Nancy Lorraine Crouch --to-- Charles C. Crouse
Effie Jallop Crouse --to-- Mark Y. Croxall
Mark or Martin Croxall --to-- Gladys Cubbler (Mrs.)
Christina Cecilia Margareta Cube --to-- David Cummings
DeWitt Clinton Cummings --to-- Ernest Glen Cunard
Florence Mae Cunard --to-- Kerry Curran
Roseanna Curran --to-- John Hendrick Currin
Lisa Marie Currin --to-- Hattie Curtis
Hattie Curtis --to-- Wellington Curtis
Willard Curtis --to-- George Henry Cushman
George Henry Cushman --to-- Mason Cutler
Mason Cutler --to-- Harry Madison Cutts
John Cutts --to-- Alice Dailey

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