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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Craig Louis Clarke --to-- Margaret Clarke
Maria Clarke --to-- Euphemia Clavering
Clawson --to-- Patricia L. Claypool
Dixie Clayson --to-- P. Roger Cleary
Patricia May Cleary --to-- Lester Ora Clemence
Lillis Clemence --to-- Elliot John Clements
Emma M. Clements --to-- Mason Cleveland
Newcomb Cleveland --to-- Daniel Cline
Daniel W. Cline --to-- Aaron Clough
Bertha Clough --to-- Grace Nancy Clyne
Christine Diane Coad --to-- John Peter Cobian
Violet Jane Cobian --to-- Elizabeth Cock
Ethel Clark Cockburn --to-- Clifford M. Coffin
Clifford Tristram Coffin (Dr.) --to-- Bates Solis Cohen
David Solis Cohen (Sr.) --to-- Clara Colby
Clark Charles Colby --to-- Alta Mae Cole
Amey A. Cole --to-- Israel Cole
Jacob Cole --to-- Roberta Rose Cole
Rosa Cole --to-- Marguerite Eugenia Coleman
Mary Ann Coleman --to-- William Collier
Andrea Jean Collingwood --to-- Loansa Eliza Collins
Lora Lavilla Collins --to-- John Columbia
Charles Franklin Colver --to-- John Colwell (Jr.)
John Colwell --to-- Pearl Combs
Samuel Hall Combs --to-- Amelia Townsend Comstock
Amey Comstock --to-- Franklin Hallett Comstock
Freelove Comstock --to-- Mary Eleanor Comstock
Mary Elizabeth Comstock --to-- Charles Conaghan
Conan --to-- Arthur R. Congdon
Benjamin Rodman Congdon --to-- Susan Hill Congdon
Victoria Congdon --to-- Sylvia Conley
Wesley Earl Conley --to-- Sharon Conrad
Vernie Vaughn Conrad --to-- Catherine Conyngham
Anne Louise Coogan --to-- Armanella "Nellie" Cook
Arnold Cook --to-- Dorcas Cook
Dorcas Cook --to-- Frederick Cook (twin)
Frederick H. Cook --to-- John F. Cook
John H. Cook --to-- Mabel Louisa Cook
Mack Reynolds Cook --to-- Novatus Ross Cook
Olive Cook (twin) --to-- Silas Cook
Silence Cook --to-- Anne or Nancy Cooke
Benoni Cooke (Captain) --to-- Helen A. Coolbaugh
Roy J. Coolbaugh --to-- Tammy Cooley
Teresa Ann Cooley --to-- Elizabeth Morgridge Coombs
Ethel Eugenie Coombs --to-- C. Asa Coons
Ella Coons --to-- Mary Abbie Cooper
Mary Powers Cooper --to-- Stella June Copley
Cheri Copp --to-- Harry Preston Corder
Horace Corder --to-- Laura Corey
Laura Corey --to-- Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell --to-- Moses Corson
Obed Allen Corson --to-- Helen Costy
James Costy --to-- Walter H. Coughlin
JoAnne Coulatta --to-- Edward R. Covell
Edward Randall Covell --to-- Elizabeth Cowell
Elizabeth Howell Cowell --to-- Gerald Duncan Cox
Grace Cleveland Cox --to-- Abbie Cozzens
Catherine Cozzens --to-- Elizabeth "Betsy" Crafts
Elizabeth Anne Crafts --to-- George Bowdoin Craighill (Jr.)
James B. Craighill --to-- Sarah Sinnock Cramp
Abigail Jenks Crampton --to-- Elizabeth B. Crandall
Elizabeth C. Crandall --to-- Louis Elwood Crandall
Ludley Crandall --to-- Zeola Crandall
Crandell --to-- Samuel Crary
Orace Crass --to-- Laurie Phyllis Crawford
Lucina Almeda Crawford --to-- Thomas Lloyd Halsey Creighton
John Carl Cremers --to-- Polyanna Crispel
Joshua Wade Criss --to-- Kimberley Ann Crocker
Lucy F. Crocker --to-- Linda Sue Cronin
Lindsay Bryant Cronin --to-- Jane C. Crosby
Jason Clair Crosby --to-- Lucy Cross
Luke Septimus Cross --to-- Lee David Crotchett

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