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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Matthew David Crotchett --to-- David Crouch
David Crouch --to-- Halsey Joseph Crouch
Hannah Crouch --to-- Lunella Violet Crouch
Lydia Crouch --to-- Thelma Otis Crouch
Theodore Fuller Crouch --to-- Nathan Crowell (Jr.)
Nehemiah Crowell --to-- Palmer Euclid Crumb
Philip I. Crumb --to-- Helen Culver
Ivan J. Culver --to-- Mary Stone Cummings
May E. Cummings --to-- Elsie Ann Cunningham
Gary L. Cunningham --to-- Hepsabeth Ann Currier
Jacob Currier --to-- Byam Heber Curtis
Calvin Curtis --to-- Mary Rosanna Curtis
Merrill William Curtis --to-- Emily Arabella Cushing
Hosea Cushing --to-- Calvin Cutler
Calvin Micheal Cutler --to-- Mary Cutt
Robert Cutt --to-- Leo D'marco
Adelia D. --to-- Greg Dainiak
John Dainiak --to-- John Luther Dalton (Jr.)
Joshua Caleb Dalton --to-- Egon Kristian Juul Dam
Ejnar Jørgensen Dam --to-- Nanet Dam
Nichlas Juul Dam --to-- Julia Ann Van Ness Dana
Lee Howard Dana --to-- Sarah Dane
William Dane (Jr.) --to-- Josephine Daniels
Joyce Daniels --to-- Dorothy Ada "Dot" Darby
Ebenezer B. Darby --to-- Daniel Darling
Darius Darling --to-- Lucina Darling
Lucy Darling --to-- William Loring Darling
William Olney Darling --to-- Dorothy Davenport
Dorothy Helen Davenport --to-- Marie Davidson
Martha Elizabeth Davidson --to-- Anna Davis
Anna Davis --to-- Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis --to-- Emily E. Davis
Emily Jane Davis --to-- Helen Matilda Davis
Helen Patricia "Pat" Davis --to-- John William Davis
John Worden Davis --to-- Mark Davis
Marsell Davis --to-- Oliver Perry Davis
Olney J. Davis --to-- Sarah Ann Davis
Sarah C. Davis --to-- Margaret Davison
Mary Davison --to-- Dorcas Day
Douglas Day --to-- Martin L. Dayton
Nathaniel L. Dayton --to-- Mamie La Thora DeGraw
Allen Albert DeHart --to-- Elijah DeWolf
Ellen Post DeWolf --to-- Marissa Parmelia Dean
Martin Luther Dean --to-- Julie Gay Deater
Anna Death --to-- Helen Deede
Nancy Deedle --to-- Marla Deem
Mason Michael Deem --to-- Nancy Sue Del Papa
Del Prophet --to-- Lucius Parmenias Deming
Lucius Parmenias Deming (Jr.) --to-- Barbara Ann Dennis
Bessie L. Dennis --to-- Maude Dunnell Denny
Sherrie Lynn Denny --to-- Elizabeth Annette Derrick
Carrie Lu Derrington --to-- Roberta Devine
William T. Devine --to-- Gertrude Elizabeth Dewey
Hannah Dewey --to-- Alice Dexter
Alice Dexter --to-- Byron E. Dexter
Carol Grace Dexter --to-- Eliza Ann Dexter
Eliza C. Dexter --to-- Gregory Dexter
Gregory Dexter --to-- Jeremiah Dexter (Jr.)
Jeremiah Dexter --to-- Lucy Ann Dexter
Lucy W. Dexter --to-- Natalie Dexter
Nathan Dexter --to-- Sarah Dexter
Sarah "Sally" Dexter --to-- William Dexter
William Dexter (Jr.) --to-- William Peter Dick
Jeffery Dickens --to-- Thomas Leon Dickinson
Thomas W. Dickinson --to-- Kimberly Dies
Clifford Elmer Dieten --to-- Etta Diltz
Kendrick Diltz --to-- Rachel Dising
Olga Diskant --to-- Charles Edwin Doane
Charles M. Doane --to-- David Leonard Dockery
Elizabeth Lavergne Dockery --to-- Fanny Dodge
Florence Dodge --to-- Samuel M. Dodge
Sarah Dodge --to-- Rebecca Doliver

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