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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Alice J. Dailey --to-- Ann Maria Dalliber
Judith Dallin --to-- Ane Dorthea Kristine Dam
Anine Mantine "Nina" Dam --to-- Lene Lynge Dam
Lilly Marie Dam --to-- Donald Whipple Dana
Doris Marjorie Dana --to-- Martha Abba Dane
Mary Dane --to-- George P. Daniels
Gladys Mildred Daniels --to-- Sharon Myrtle Danroth
Tammy Lee Danroth --to-- Betsey Darling
Charles Francis Darling --to-- Lewis Darling
Lewis S. Darling --to-- Welcome Greene Darling
William Darling --to-- Catherine Steere Davenport
Donald Nelson Davenport --to-- Marie Davidson
Martha Elizabeth Davidson --to-- Anna Antoinette Davis
Anna Lotta Davis --to-- David Davis
David Davis --to-- Ernest Lester Davis
Esquire Davis --to-- Hiram Davis
Hiram Addison "H.A." Davis (Reverend) --to-- Julius Davis
Karen Ann Davis --to-- Mary A. Davis
Mary Alice "Todie" Davis --to-- Phebe Ann Davis
Phidelia or Fidelia Davis --to-- Susan A. Davis
Susan Ann Davis --to-- Elsie Loretta Daws
Dawson --to-- Loami Day
Lois Day --to-- Jacob De La Rosa
James De La Rosa --to-- Chelsea Ann DeMarco
Kellen Brian DeMarco --to-- Deal
Arlie Laura Deal --to-- Elizabeth Francis Deane
Herbert Carroll Deane --to-- Kate Decker
Katherine Decker --to-- Jack Lames Deem
James Edward Deem --to-- Jerusha Estella Dees
Deese --to-- Emma Luis Demarco
David Demarest --to-- Mary Delphine Deniston
Rebecca Harriet Denman --to-- Sanford Dennis
Sarah F. Dennis --to-- Anna Derby
Daisy D. Derby --to-- Frances Devel
William Deveraux --to-- Bob Dewey
Charles Dewey --to-- Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter --to-- Benjamin Dexter
Benjamin Dexter --to-- Edward M. Dexter
Edwin Dexter --to-- George W. Dexter
George Wilson Dexter --to-- Jeremiah Dexter
Jeremiah Dexter --to-- Lucina Dexter
Lucina Dexter --to-- Naomi Dexter
Natalie Dexter --to-- Sarah "Sally" Dexter
Sarah Abigail "Sadie" Dexter --to-- William Dexter
William Dexter --to-- Robert Dickens
Tristram Dickens --to-- Abigail Dickson
Alice Dickson --to-- Mary Dieter
Roy Finney Dieter --to-- Alzian Dimmick
Clara J. Dimmick --to-- Martha W. Diven or Biven
Sally Divens --to-- Sarah E. Doane
Sylvanus H. Doane --to-- James Richard Dodd
Jordan Ray Dodd --to-- Isaac Dodge (Jr.)
Israel Dodge --to-- Margaret Dodgson
Choley Ann Dodson --to-- Donaldson
Alice Donaldson --to-- Mary Irene Donovan
Ruth Donovan --to-- Julius C. Dornbush
Steve Dornbush --to-- Rosa Doty
Sarah A. Doty --to-- Lydia Douglass
Lydia Ann Douglass --to-- Joseph S. Dowd
Mabel E. Dowd --to-- Sarah Doying
Doyle --to-- Paul Drake
Robert Lincoln Drake --to-- Devin Jerrett Dresslar
Jeramie Norman Dresslar --to-- William Dean Dripps
Julia Drischler --to-- Lilla "Lillie" W. Drury
Lucretia Drury --to-- Harry Dudey
Laura Dudey --to-- Verna Dudley
William Dudley --to-- Leonard Duhig
Charlotte Duke --to-- Peggy Dunbar
Sibil Dunbar --to-- Alma Bailey Dunford (Jr.)
Dorothy Emmeline Dunford --to-- George B. Dunlap
Jessie Peace Dunlap --to-- Mary Ella Dunnick
Abigail Dunning --to-- Albert Durfee

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