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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Aaron Doll --to-- Jessie Elizabeth Donley
John Adams Donley --to-- Ada S. Doren
Quarnig Dorian --to-- Joseph Frederick "Fred" Dose
Josiah Frederick Dose --to-- Charles P. Douglas
Chloe Douglas --to-- Forest Herbert Dow
George Smith Dow --to-- Keith Downey
Lucy Sally Downey --to-- Cincinnatus Drain
Moda Drain --to-- Douglas Dallen Draper
Elizabeth Draper --to-- Harlon Whitney Drew
Harriet Newhall Drew --to-- Deanna Drocher
Gregory Scott Drolet --to-- Louis Drypolcher
Margaret Drysdale --to-- Benjamin Dudley (Sr.)
Benjamin Dudley --to-- Gladys Cora Duell
Joseph A. Duell --to-- Essie May Duke
Frank Daly Duke --to-- Silas Dunbar
Thomas J. Dunbar --to-- Alma Bailey Dunford (Jr.)
Dorothy Emmeline Dunford --to-- Dorothy Mildred Dunlap
Ethel Irene Dunlap --to-- Lucy Randolph Dunnell
Margaret Dunnell --to-- Jay Duresky
Jeremy Duresky --to-- Mary Durrett
Harold Arthur Durst --to-- Daniel Dwight
Daniel Dwight (Jr.) --to-- George Blanding Dyer
George N. Dyer --to-- Oliver Eager
William Eager --to-- Thomas Eames
Timothy Eames --to-- Mark Stoker Early
Sally Early --to-- Minnie Bertha Eastman
Myron Gray Eastman --to-- Keziah Eaton
Levi Eaton --to-- Martha M. Ebright
Thomas Eccleston (III) --to-- Celia Eddy
Charles Colwell Eddy --to-- Hannah Waterman Eddy
Harriet Louise Eddy --to-- Mary Viola Eddy
Meredith P. Eddy --to-- Stephen Eddy
Stephen Eddy --to-- Albert I. Edgerton
Albert L. Edgerton --to-- Patience Edmonds or Edmunds
Kenneth Edmondson --to-- Carrie Medora Edwards
Charles F. Edwards --to-- Peter Edwards
Peter Edwards (Mrs.) --to-- Ida Eggleston
Mae Eggleston --to-- DeLoy Edward Elder
Edward Richard Elder --to-- Thomas Eldridge
Tommie Eldridge --to-- Craig Whipple Elliott
David Elliott --to-- Jesse Ellis
John Ellis --to-- Cliffie Ellsworth
Cora Ellsworth --to-- Timothy Paul Elsbernd
Fred Elsesser --to-- Herman L. Ely
Jesse Ely --to-- Janet Emerson
Jason Emerson --to-- David Emery
Elizabeth Emery --to-- Milo John Endler
Annis Endsley --to-- Erva Eliza Enke
Frederick William Enke --to-- Peggy Erby
Ronald Anton Erchul --to-- Doris Eskridge
Glenna Esolen --to-- Esten
Alma Alvira Esten --to-- John Franklin Estes
Joseph Estes --to-- Benjamin Esty
Newell F. Esty --to-- Clara Evans
Clara Rose "Rose" or "Rosie" Evans --to-- Julia A. Evans
Karen Elizabeth Evans --to-- Zerviah Evans
Lemuel B. Evarts --to-- Laura Ann Ewell
Lisa Ewell --to-- Crawford Merritt Fairbanks
Cyrus Fairbanks --to-- James Robertson Fairweather
Ella Caroline Faitoute --to-- John Peter Falzarano (Sr.)
John Peter Falzarano (Jr.) --to-- Roy Farnes
Asaph Farnham --to-- Charles Webster Farnum
Charles Webster Farnum --to-- John Alvin Farnum
John E. Farnum --to-- Alford Farquhar
Charles Farquhar --to-- Mary Farrar
Matthias Farrar --to-- Elizabeth Farwell
Emery Weston Farwell --to-- Joanna Faulkner
John Newton Faulkner --to-- Harriet Fay
Harriet Eleanor Fay --to-- Fehr
Cheri Fehr --to-- Phoebe Louisa Fellows
Phoebe Louisa Fellows --to-- Abigail Fenner
Adelard Fenner --to-- Harriet Fenner

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