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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Helen W. Fenner --to-- Rhodes Fenner
Richard Fenner --to-- Susan R. Fenno
Virginia Fenno --to-- James Ferguson
James Ferguson --to-- Omar Oscar Luis Gil Fernández-Whipple
Janette L. Ferran --to-- William Fessenden
William Fessenden --to-- Fannie Almena Field
Fanny Field --to-- Ossian Putman Field (Jr.)
Pamelia Field --to-- Alison Marie Figueira
James Joseph Figueira --to-- Sally Finley
Caroline Mary Magdeline Finn --to-- Laura Fish
Lottie Fish --to-- Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth W. Fisher --to-- Lindsey Renee Fisher
Lloyd Charles Fisher --to-- Emily A. Fisk
Esquire or Squire Fisk --to-- Henry Fiske
Henry Fiske (Lieutenant) --to-- Aurilla Fitch
Benjamin L. Fitch --to-- Mercy Fitch
Nelly Fitch --to-- Beverly Ann Fitzgerald
Cecil Michael Fitzgerald --to-- Herbert H. "Bert" Flagg
Isaac A. Flagg --to-- Silas Eugene Flake
Theodore Lawrence Flake --to-- Dorcas Louise Fleming
Elenor Fleming --to-- Ira Fletcher
Isaac Fletcher --to-- Flint
Flint --to-- Hutchinson Flint
James Allen Flint --to-- William H. Flint
William Henderson Flint (Jr.) --to-- Lucy C. Foale
Emeline J. Fobes --to-- Anna Frances M. Follett
Annie May Follett --to-- Grace Mary Follett
Hannah Follett --to-- Mary Jane Follett
Mary Louise Follett --to-- Nicholas Folsom
Polly Folsom --to-- Chauncey Forbush
David Forbush --to-- Malzeneta Ford
Margaret Ford --to-- Amanda Forsberg
Glen David Forsberg --to-- Sally Lorraine Foskett
Staci Foskett --to-- Dorothy Agnes Foster
Dwight Foster --to-- Mary Augusta Foster
Mary Briggs Foster --to-- Fowler
Adolphus Fowler --to-- Alfred Fox
Allene Fox --to-- Sally Latimer Fox
Sarah Fox --to-- John Brown Francis (Governor)
John Brown Francis --to-- Charles DeWitt Franklin
Cynthia Franklin --to-- Matthew Wayne Franks
Michael Perry Franks --to-- Laurie Ruth Frederick
Marie Luella Frederick --to-- Elizabeth Freeman
Elizabeth Freeman --to-- Wealthy Whipple Freeman
Whipple Freeman --to-- Ellen French
Ellsworth E. French --to-- Charles Frederick Frerk
Donald Charles Frerk --to-- Chris Michael Friloux
Frink --to-- Addie Frost
Agnes A. Frost --to-- Susan Raylene Frost
Thomas Frost --to-- Sarah Fry
Sarah F. Fry --to-- Caleb Fuller
Carl Fuller --to-- John Fuller
John A. Fuller --to-- William R. Fuller
Abigail Fullerton --to-- Charles Fye
Wanita Fye --to-- Sarah Louise Gage
Walter Gage --to-- Frances Gallagher
Jerry Gallagher --to-- John Gallup
John Gallup --to-- Marian Gannett
Lucy Gannoung --to-- Prudence Maria Gardiner
Ray Green Gardiner --to-- Forrest "Woody" Gardner
Francis A. Gardner --to-- Laura Gardner
Laverna May Gardner --to-- Rulon Whipple Gardner
Ruth Gardner --to-- Flora A. Garland
Rufus Cummins Garland --to-- C. Joseph Garris
Hilda L. Garris --to-- Caroline Josephine Gaskill
Caroline Melissa Gaskill --to-- Fannie Louella Gates
Ford Gates --to-- Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates --to-- Dorothy Gay
Dorothy Gay --to-- Cheryn Renee Gedney
Edward E. Gee --to-- Thomas Geer
Thomas Dudley Geer --to-- Jessie Anna George
John George --to-- Mary A. Gerrish

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