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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Rebecca Fletcher --to-- Estella Joyce "Joyce" Flint
Ethel May Adel Flint --to-- Robert Edwards Flint
Roma Margarite Flint --to-- Roy Vernon Floyd
Sadie Floyd --to-- Stanley F. Follansbee
Wanda Follansbee --to-- Ethel May Follett
Eugene B. Follett --to-- Lyman Follett
Lyman Augustus Follett --to-- Hattie A. Folly
Henry Folly --to-- William A. Forbes
William Dunderd Forbes --to-- John Greene Ford
John Perley Ford --to-- Frances Forrest
George Forrest --to-- Raymond Albert Foskett
Robert Foskett --to-- Dorothy Agnes Foster
Dwight Foster --to-- Mary E. Foster
Mary Zoella Foster --to-- Augustus Fowler
Beatrice Fowler --to-- Billy Floyd Fox
Caroline Fox --to-- Eugene Foye
Jonathan D. Foye --to-- Thomas Willing Francis
Oliver P. Francisco --to-- Harley W. Franklin (Reverend)
Hope Franklin --to-- Lydia Frary
Arnold Fraser --to-- William H. Freeborn
Paula Freed --to-- James Samuel Freeman
James Whipple Freeman --to-- Malinda Freestone
Mildred Mary Freestone --to-- John French
John E. French --to-- Jacob Frey
Mary Ann Frey --to-- Claire Marie Fritz
Darron Kristoffer Fritz --to-- James P. Frost
Jennifer Diane Frost --to-- Charlotte Fry
Christian F. Fry --to-- Nora Anine "Nina" Fuhriman
Sharon Maud Fuhriman --to-- Frank B. Fuller
Frank O. Fuller --to-- Ora Fuller
Osmond S. Fuller --to-- Norman Didrick Funk
Sarah Jane Funk --to-- Elsie B. Gage
Felter M. Gage --to-- Abraham Gale
Anna Forbes Gale --to-- Derry Gallup
Edward T. Gallup --to-- Phil Melvin Gambs
Ruth Elaine Gambs --to-- Herbert Gardiner
James Gardiner --to-- Ebenezer Gardner
Ebenezer Gardner --to-- John Gardner
John A. Gardner --to-- Raymond Derwood Gardner
Raymond Thomas Gardner --to-- Jennie L. Garham
Elaine M. Gariepy --to-- Simeon Garrett
Betty Jo A. Garrick --to-- Anne Estella Gaskill
Asa B. Gaskill --to-- Europe Gates
Fannie Louella Gates --to-- Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates --to-- Erastus Gay
Fisher Gay (Colonel) --to-- Barton Geer
Belle Geer --to-- Grace Gehrke
Gergrude Geibel --to-- Frances Gerber
Howard L. Gerber --to-- Edna Gess
Fred Gessure --to-- Frank Eugene Gibbs
George Augustus Gibbs --to-- Jane Gibson
Jean Gibson --to-- David Giddings
Elijah S. Giddings --to-- Mary Gifford
Mary Jane Gifford --to-- Lyla Marguerite Gilbert
Malcolm McIntyre Gilbert --to-- Robert Travis Giles
Sophia Wilhelmina "Minnie" Giles --to-- George W. Gillette
Julia Gillette --to-- Sarah Gilman
Sarah May Gilman --to-- Elizabeth Gilson
Emma C. Gilson --to-- Beth Clarke Glancey
Charles Frederick Glancey --to-- George Henry Gleason
Harriet Ann Gleason --to-- Anne Glover
Beth Glover --to-- Asa Goddard
Asa Goddard --to-- Gabriella "Gigi" Vivianne Goddard
George Goddard --to-- Meriam or Miriam Goddard
Miriam Goddard --to-- Edward Louis Godfrey
Elisha Godfrey --to-- Stacey Marie Golden
Barbara Jean Golder --to-- Douglas Good
Edward Good --to-- Hester Vanneman Goodenough
Hubbard Goodenough --to-- Marvin Goodhue
Marvin Peltier Goodhue --to-- Sarah Lynn Goodman-Phillips
June Loretta Goodmansen --to-- Naomi Goodwin
Nellie Goodwin --to-- Thomas Campbell Gordon (Sr.)

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