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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Walter Edwin Gordon --to-- Minnie Gorman
Alvin Henry Gorman or Alvin H. Langley --to-- Jonathan Gorton
Jonathan Gorton (Jr.) --to-- Enos Goss
Eunice Goss --to-- Ann Gould
Anna Gould --to-- Nellie Gould
Orilla Gould --to-- Maria Louisa Gove
Martha Jane Gove --to-- Sara Joann Graalum
Anthony Graber --to-- M. B. Graham
Majessa Graham --to-- Alden Grant
Alec Clark Grant --to-- Joseph William Grant (Jr.)
Joseph William Grant --to-- Frank Grasso
Mary Ellen Grasso --to-- Alice Gray
Amasa Gray --to-- Mary Ellen Gray
Mary Ellen Gray --to-- Barbara Ann Green
Beau Michael Green --to-- Helen Elizabeth Green
Henry Green --to-- Mitchell Bret Green
Nancy Green --to-- Almeda Hathaway Greene
Almy Greene --to-- Clarence Henry Greene
Cornelia Robinson Greene --to-- Harriet Greene
Harriet Augusta "Hattie" Greene --to-- Julia A. Greene
Julia Dyer Greene --to-- Peleg Greene
Peter Greene --to-- Sarah Littlefield Greene
Sarah Littlefield Greene --to-- William Warner Greene
William Warren Greene --to-- Asa Greenwood
Betty Greenwood --to-- Ithamar Gregory
Jacob Gregory --to-- Frank Griffin
Frank Loxley Griffin --to-- James Griffith
Jean Griffith --to-- Helen Eliza Grinnell
James Seymour Grinnell --to-- Groff
Edna Louise Groff --to-- Melinda Grout
Samuel Grout --to-- Francis Grubb
Francis C. "Frank" Grubb --to-- Louisa Guarsus
Anne Gudbersen --to-- Samuel Whipple Guilford
William Henry Guilford --to-- Adelaide Gunnison
Albert Gunnison --to-- Eunice Gunnison
Eunice Gunnison --to-- Margery Gunnison
Marilla Gunnison --to-- William Justin Gunnison
William Samuel Gunnison --to-- William B. Guzzetta
Lucky Benedict Guzzo --to-- Frank Todd Haddock
William Haddock --to-- Flossie "Nell" Hagan
Frances Marie Hagan --to-- Jonathon Hahn
Josephine M. Hahn --to-- James Felix Halcomb
Thelma Inez Halcomb --to-- Joseph Hale (Jr.)
Joseph P. Hale --to-- Verna Haley
Violet M. Haley --to-- Eben Hall
Eddy Lester Hall --to-- Jane Ann Hall
Jason Richard Hall --to-- Myrtle Ruth Hall
Nancy Jane Hall --to-- William Thomas Hall
Willis Hall --to-- Justin Roger Halterlein
Paul John Halterlein --to-- Michael Eldon Hamil
Ronald Dean Hamil --to-- Josephine Eliza Hamilton
Joshua Michael Hamilton --to-- Rachel Euphema Hammers
Agnes Hammerton --to-- Fredrick P. Hammond
Freelove Hammond --to-- Nancy Hammond
Nancy Hammond --to-- Harriet F. Hampson
Helen M. Hampson --to-- Handy
A. A. Handy --to-- Robert L. Hanley
William Hanley --to-- Christine Hansen
Corey Hansen --to-- Linda Dianne Hansen
Logan Hansen --to-- Destiny Hope Hanson
Donald Hanson --to-- Julius Happel
Beverly Happen --to-- Heber Samuel Harding
J. Calvin "Cal" Sperry Harding --to-- Harold A. Hardy
Harriet E. Hardy --to-- Andrew J. Harkness
Arlene Harkness --to-- Harriet Matilda Harmon
Harvey Harmon --to-- Jane Perkins Harper
John Harper --to-- Lynn Harold Harriman
Mary Harriman --to-- Fortunatus Harrington
Frances Harrington --to-- Nicholas Harrington
Nicholas W. Harrington --to-- Amey Harris
Amey Harris --to-- Charles Kendall Harris
Charles Morris Harris --to-- Elizabeth J. "Lizzie" Harris

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