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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Sarah Gerrish --to-- Steven D. Gibbons
Almira J. Gibbs --to-- Catharine Olivia Gibson
Christine M. Gibson --to-- Sarah Gibson
Sarah Gibson --to-- Catherine Gifford
Charles Gifford --to-- Esther Gilbert
Ezekiel Gilbert --to-- Linda Gilchrist
Mary Gilchrist --to-- Jennifer Autumn Gilles
Judy Gilles --to-- Harvey Gillson
James Gillson --to-- Floyd Allen Gilmore
Frank Whipple Gilmore --to-- Lewis Girdler
David Fountain Girdner --to-- Carol Jean Glaze
Charlene Dee Glaze --to-- Roscoe F. Gleason
Sarah W. Gleason --to-- Julia A. Glover
Julia Ozetta "Dolly" Glover --to-- Charles Goddard
Charles Edmund Goddard --to-- Hannah Goddard
Hariot Miriam Goddard --to-- Nathan Goddard
Nathan Goddard (Jr.) --to-- George Wilson Godfrey
Gladys Bennett Godfrey --to-- James Arthur Golder
Judy Ann Golder --to-- Edward Good
Frederick E. Good --to-- Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough
Hester Vanneman Goodenough --to-- Margery Goodhue
Marion Solon Goodhue --to-- Sarah Goodman
Sean Michael Goodman --to-- Jerusha Drake Goodwin
John Marston Goodwin --to-- Robert Vern Gordon (twin)
Rochelle "Rachel" Mary Gordon --to-- David Gorlinsky
Arthur P. Gorman --to-- James Dexter Gorton
James W. Gorton --to-- Edward Gosney
Scott Gosney --to-- Jonathan Gottschalk
Mabel Gottschalk --to-- Juliet Gould
Julius Gould --to-- Abigail Gove
Arthur Gove --to-- Avril Goza
Charles Goza --to-- Elba May Graham
Ellie Mariah "Ella" Graham --to-- Elizabeth Granger
Ella Elizabeth Granger --to-- Elizabeth Grant
Ellen Grant --to-- Rebecca Grant
Reuben Grant --to-- John Graves
Kent Jones Graves --to-- Golda Marie Gray
Grace Arvada Gray --to-- Mary Grayson
Mary Grayson --to-- Dana Green
Daryl Green --to-- Joseph Green
Joseph Green --to-- Sarah Green
Sarah Green --to-- Benjamin Greene
Benjamin Greene --to-- Edwin Greene
Edwin Greene --to-- James Greene
James Greene --to-- Marcia Greene
Margaret Greene --to-- Phillip Greene
Phillip Holden Greene --to-- Susannah Greene
Susannah Greene --to-- Burton Edgar Greenfield
Dorothy Eunice Greenfield --to-- Hiram James Greenwood
Jeremy Greenwood --to-- Joseph Warren "Warren" Gregory
Kaola Gregory --to-- Gayle Griffin
George Griffin --to-- James Griffith
Jean Griffith --to-- George B. Grinnell
George Blake Grinnell --to-- Joshua David Groenke
Lue Groesbeck --to-- John Stuart Groupe
John Stuart Groupe (Jr.) --to-- Thomas Grow
Thomas Grow (IV) --to-- Børge Vendelbo Grønnegaard
Emma Grønnegaard --to-- George Conrad Guilford
Grace Guilford --to-- Rodney Gunn
Ross Gunn --to-- Elihu Gunnison
Elihu Gunnison --to-- Joseph Gunnison (Deacon)
Joseph Gunnison --to-- Sarah Gunnison
Sarah Gunnison --to-- Diann Gutting
Charlotte Ann Gutz --to-- Luella E. Hackett
Margaret Parthenia Hackett --to-- Nicholas Brown Hadley
Olive Alberta Hadley --to-- Gerald H. Hagen
JoAnn Lee Hagen --to-- Ira F. Haines
Jacob Clark Haines --to-- Emma Hale
Emma Jane Hale --to-- Sarah Hale
Sarah Hale --to-- Asel Hall
Avis Ames Hall --to-- Fannie Whipple Hall
Fanny Hall --to-- Lester A. Hall

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