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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Lloyd Grosvenor Hall --to-- Ruth Ellen Hall
Ruthana Hall --to-- Caroline Abby Hallock
Elcea Hallock --to-- Robert Lewis Halvorson
Robert Lewis Halvorson (Jr.) --to-- Celia Marie Hamilton
Chad Hamilton --to-- Ruth Ann Hamilton
Ruth Eunice Hamilton --to-- Alice Hammond
Alice Rebecca Hammond --to-- Hope Ann Hammond
Irene B. Hammond --to-- Reuben Hammond
Robert Hammond --to-- Della Hanby
Asher C. Hance --to-- Moses Handy
Nelson Handy --to-- Maria Lloyd Hanna
Robert Hanna --to-- Daniel Hansen
Daniel Hansen --to-- Lillemor Solveig Høgstedt Hansen
Linda Dianne Hansen --to-- Charles Henry Hanson (Captain)
Charles Henry Hanson --to-- Thomas J. Hanzlik
Hapgood --to-- Elizabeth Harding
Elizabeth Harding --to-- Emily Partridge Young Hardy
Ernest B. Hardy --to-- Dominic James Harisay
Sierra Nicole Harisay --to-- Abigail Jane Harmon
Alpheus Harmon --to-- Pauline Georgette Harnois
Sonya Haro --to-- Edward Harriman
Elizabeth Harriman --to-- Clara Amanda Harrington
Clarendon Augustus Harrington --to-- Leo Harrington
Leveret Harrington --to-- Abby Fisk Harris
Abiel Harris --to-- Benjamin Cushing Harris
Benjamin Franklin Harris --to-- Dinah Harris
Donald Harris --to-- Frederick Augustus W. Harris
Frederick Henry Harris --to-- Janet Harris
Jemima Harris --to-- Lydia Ardelia Harris
Lydia Jane or Jennie Lydia Harris --to-- Nicholas Harris
Olive Harris --to-- Sibil Harris
Solomon Harris --to-- Harrison
Abby Louise Harrison --to-- Hart
Alton Leslie Hart --to-- William Hart
Alexander Hartell --to-- John Hartwell
John Bryant Hartwell --to-- Mary Cornelia Harvey
Mary Eliza Harvey --to-- Rachel Harwood
Stephen Paul Harwood --to-- Josiah Haskell
Julia Ann Marie Haskell --to-- Almon Woodward Hastings
Andrew Hastings --to-- Asa Hatch
Austin Derek Hatch --to-- Christopher Scott Hatfield
Elizabeth Ann Hatfield --to-- Patsy Hattaman
Edmond B. Hattaway --to-- Eliza Haven
Eliza Charlesette Haven --to-- Luke Haven
Lyman T. Haven --to-- William Havens
William Havens --to-- Nelson F. Hawk
Orville Hawk --to-- Charles Walter Hawkins
Christopher Hawkins --to-- John Hawkins
John Hawkins --to-- Rufus Hawkins
Rush C. Hawkins --to-- Mary Olive Haws
Phyllis Haws --to-- Abiah Hayes
Alice Lovey Hayes --to-- Priscilla Florence Haymaker
Joan Hayman --to-- Matthew Shane Hays
Merton Ensor Hays --to-- Lydia Ann Haywood
Olivia M. Haywood --to-- Eunice Hazen
Hezekiah Hazen --to-- Henrietta Harrison Heald
Henry Russell Heald --to-- Mabelle Florence Healy
Mary Healy --to-- John E. Heath
Joseph Heath --to-- Robert Carr Hebblethwaite (Reverend)
Arthur Ludwig Hebel --to-- Sofia Hedstrom
A. A. Heer --to-- Grant Heisler
Harold Franklin Heist (Jr.) --to-- Niels Hellisen
Peder Hellisen --to-- Edith Hempstead
Eliza Ann Hempstead --to-- Paul Henderson
Rachel Henderson --to-- Dorothy Lee Henkes
Ellen Henley --to-- Treva Henry
William A. Henry --to-- George Dalton Henson
George Marrion (Buff) Henson --to-- Paul Earnest Henson
Philip Henson --to-- Ethel Herbert
Fay Ellen Herbert --to-- Marissa Elizabeth Hernandez
Raul Thomas Hernandez --to-- Annabelle Lou Herrick
Archie Leo Herrick --to-- Clair Rar Herriman

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