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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Eldred Pollock Herriman --to-- Artemesia Hettick or Hettrick
Alice Mary Hettiger --to-- Thomas J. Hewitt
Elbridge Hewitt or Hewit --to-- Susan Hickernell
Hickey --to-- Gregory Bruce Hicks
Hiram Hicks --to-- Marion Francis Higbee
Jacob T. Higbie --to-- Abel Hildreth
Adaline W. Hildreth --to-- Brad Hill
Brewster Hill --to-- Gertrude Dora Hill
Gideon Hill --to-- Lynn Hill
Mabel Harriet Hill --to-- Samuel Hill
Samuel Harris Hill --to-- Scharlie Renee Hillman
Steven Wayne Hillman --to-- Ebenezer Hinckley
Edwin G. Hinckley --to-- Ruby Evelyn Hines
Scott Henry Hines --to-- Dotty Hirst
Ellen Hirst --to-- Leone Hixson
Aaron Hoadley --to-- Edith Adelia Hobart
Edwin Whipple Hobart --to-- Billy Raymond Hobson
Catherine W. Hobson --to-- James Hodgkins
Joseph Hodgkins (Colonel) --to-- John Albert Hoffmann
Katharine Ann Hoffmann --to-- Albert Holbrook
Albert E. Holbrook (Jr.) --to-- Moses Holbrook
Moses Holbrook --to-- Jasper Newton Holcombe
Judson Newton Holcombe --to-- Reed Holdaway (Sr.)
Reed Holdaway (Jr.) --to-- Clifford Henry Holden
Cynthia Holden --to-- Penelope Holden
Penelope Holden --to-- Leonard Holdridge
Leonard Holdridge --to-- Nathaniel Holland
Samuel Holland --to-- George W. Hollis
Lucy M. Hollis --to-- Lovina Holman
Lucinda Holman --to-- Emily A. "Ema" Holmes
Ethel P. Holmes --to-- Milton Holmes
Minerva Clifton Holmes --to-- Hannah B. Holt
Harris Lynn Holt --to-- Perry Holtz
Sandy Holtz --to-- Robert Luis Hoolko
Steven John Hoolko --to-- Allen Hopkins
Amey Hopkins --to-- George Olney Hopkins
George Silvanus Hopkins --to-- Phoebe Mary Hopkins
Rachel Hopkins --to-- Agnes Margaret Hoptowit
Helena Hoptowit --to-- Sasha Kay Horseley
Tobi Jill Horseley --to-- Karl F. Horvath (Jr.)
Tazuko Hosaka --to-- Wayne Osborne Hotson
Mary Ann Houche --to-- Scott Richard Houle
House --to-- Hannah Hovey
Hannah A. Hovey --to-- Howard
Howard --to-- Daniel Howard
Daniel Howard --to-- Gideon Howard
Gideon Howard (Jr.) --to-- Julia A. Howard
Julia Delphine Howard --to-- Noble Howard
Octavia Webb Howard --to-- Viola Howard
Virena Howard --to-- Horace Howe
Ida B. Howe --to-- Sarah Cooke Howell
Sarah Maria Howell --to-- Lawrence Hamilton Howland
Lydia Howland --to-- David Bettsworth Hoyt
Delia R. Hoyt --to-- Ralph Williams Hoyt
Richard Henry Hoyt --to-- Jonathan Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard --to-- Lawrence Hucsteppe
Susan Hucsteppe --to-- Thomas Hudson
Thomas Hudson --to-- Achsah Huggs
Hughes --to-- Thomas Hughes
Vina Hughes --to-- Albert or Beddell R. Hull
Charles Crosby Hull --to-- Hyrum Thomas Humpherys
James Marshall Humpherys --to-- Joseph Hungerford
Lucy Hungerford --to-- Edna Amanda Hunt
Elijah Hunt --to-- Jonathan J. Hunt
Joseph A. Hunt --to-- Susan Rhodes Hunt
Terry "C" Hunt --to-- William Hunting
William Hunting --to-- Harriet Hurd
Harriet Hurd --to-- Lucinda or Lucina "Lucy" B. Hurst
Ruben Leroy Hurst --to-- Christopher Hussey
Doris Margaret Hussey --to-- Jerusha Hutchins
Jo Anne Hutchins --to-- Harriet L. Hutchinson
Hazel A. Hutchinson --to-- Harry B. Hutton

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