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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Catherine Kelly --to-- Charlotte L. Kelsea
Kelsey --to-- Mannassus Kempton
Samuel Kempton --to-- Albert Scott Kenerson
Charles Joseph Kenerson --to-- Melissa René Kennedy
Neil Kennedy --to-- Harlian Kent
Harriette "Hattie" Lora Kent --to-- Laura Jane Kenyon
Lydia Kenyon --to-- George Kerth
Gillmer Kerth --to-- Rebecca Ketchum
Renee Ketchum --to-- Henry Kibby
Susanna Kibby --to-- Hepsibah Kilham
Joseph Kilham --to-- Phebe Kilton
Robert Kilton --to-- Emery S. Kimball
Emma Jane Kimball --to-- Margaret Kimball
Marion Young Kimball --to-- Taysa Maria Kimball
Thankful Kimball --to-- Alan Kimohou King
Albert King --to-- Frances Sophia King
Frank King --to-- Mary King
Mary King --to-- William John King
John Francis Kingery --to-- Julia L. Kingsbury
Kenneth Keeler Kingsbury --to-- William N. Kinnecom
John Kinnecum --to-- Margaret Pearl Kinney
Maria Kinney --to-- John Kinsman
John Kinsman --to-- Jessicah Sarah Kirk
John Foster Kirk --to-- Hallock W. Kissell
Jordan Wayne Kissell --to-- Thomas Bond Kittredge
Florence or Florena F. Kittrell --to-- Francis Jasper Kline
Hiram Claude Kline --to-- Abner Kneeland
Asa Kneeland --to-- Ervin William Knight
Eugene Alson Knight --to-- Robert Francis Knight
Ruth D. Knight --to-- Francis J. Knowles
Frank Knowles --to-- Charles Knowlton
Charles Knowlton --to-- Levi Knowlton
Levi Whipple Knowlton --to-- Alice Holt Knox
Anson Horace Knox --to-- Jesper Koefoed
Julie Dam Koefoed --to-- Thomas Wayne Kopacz
Mary Kopaczewski --to-- Virginia Kratina
Anika Kratina-Hathaway --to-- Cindy Krone
David Krone --to-- Louise M. Kulesus
James A. Kulka --to-- Diane Marie LaBrec
Henri LaBrie --to-- Mary Labaree
Peter Labaree --to-- John Ladd
John Lippitt Ladd --to-- Charlotte Emma Lake
Cynthia Lake --to-- Julia Lamb
Kelly Lamb --to-- Veronica Lampe
Lillian Lamphear --to-- Sarah Lamson
Thomas Lamson --to-- Monika Landsfelt
Daniel Anthony Landwerlen --to-- Jonathan Lane
Jonathan Lane --to-- Lang
Anna Mary Lang --to-- Kyle Nicholas Langille
Roger Glendon Langille --to-- Gertrude Lansing
Henry Livingston Lansing --to-- John Lapham
John Lapham --to-- Clara H. Laraway
Dorothy E. Laraway --to-- William Larned
William Larned --to-- Jessie Phyllis Larsen
Joanna "Anna" Larsen --to-- Jacob Scott Larson
Jeanette Ann Larson --to-- Dorothy Mae Latham
Eliza Latham --to-- Lathrop
Andrew Lathrop --to-- Eliza Laughlin
Kevin Laughlin --to-- Arthur Fremont Law
Arvid W. Law --to-- Leslie Vernon Law
Linda Law --to-- Benjamin "Wallace" Lawhorn
Magnolia Jane "Mag" Lawhorn --to-- Frederick Lawrence
Gailon Lawrence --to-- Mary Ann Laws
Adam Murray Lawson --to-- Nick Le Clair
John Le Eyre or Heyr --to-- Oliver Leach
Oliver Leach --to-- Joseph Leavitt
Lucinda Leavitt --to-- Annie Poindexter Lee
Antoinette C. Lee --to-- Mary Ann Lee
Mary Brooke Lee --to-- Norman Leeds
Wanda Harriet Leeds --to-- Samuel Lehman
Aaron Patrick Lehmann --to-- William Karre Leishman
Marie Susan Leiter --to-- Garrett Walker Lemke

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