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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Charles Patrick Koboman --to-- Lavern Vickery Kolp
Lynn Diana Kolp --to-- Bonnie Kramer
Esther M. Kramer --to-- Francis P. Krise
Kristansen --to-- Elva Deloris Kuhn
Irmgard Maria "Daisy" Kuhn --to-- Larry La Pointe
Eva La Rivere --to-- Margueritte Labadie
Thomas Theodore Laban (III) --to-- John Ladd
John Ladd --to-- Charlotte Emma Lake
Cynthia Lake --to-- Leola Lamb
Margaret Lamb --to-- Lamphere
Lamphere --to-- Mary Lanbotham
Ann M. Lancaster --to-- Anna Lane
Anna Lane --to-- Lulu Lane
Lydia Lane --to-- Joseph W. Lang
Joshua Lang --to-- James C. Langley
James Clinton Langley --to-- Lapham
Lapham --to-- Mowry Lapham
Myron Daniel Lapham --to-- Darrell Larkin
Evelyn "Eva" Larkin --to-- John Larrabee
John Larrabee --to-- Shawn Larsen
Sigrand Larsen --to-- Deborah Lassen
Elizabeth Dagmar Lassen --to-- Mary Ann Latham
Mary or Molly Latham --to-- Frederick Palmer Latimer
Lillian Latsch --to-- Louis Ralph Lavalle
Robert McClester Lavalle --to-- Hannah Mariah Law
Hazel Susannah Law --to-- Sarah Law
Sarah Elizabeth Law --to-- Charles Lawrence
Charles C. Lawrence --to-- Rachel Lawrence
Richard George Lawrence --to-- Florence C. Layton
John Thomas Layton --to-- Herbert Leroy Leach
Isabella Leach --to-- Darlene Kaye Leavitt
Dudley Leavitt (Sr.) --to-- Henry Ledyard
Lee --to-- Lydia Lee
Lydia Cushing Lee --to-- Harry Leeds
Lucy Leeds --to-- Mary Frances Lehman
Minnie Lehman --to-- William Karre Leishman
Marie Susan Leiter --to-- Neil Elwyn Lemke
Randy Lemmerhirt --to-- Arthur W. Leonard
Benjamin Leonard --to-- Nathaniel Leonard
Nettie Alice Leonard --to-- Alexander Leslie
Alexander Leslie (Jr.) --to-- Clarence Destin Letson
Edgar Henry Letson --to-- Alta Lewis
Amanda Lewis --to-- Georgina Lewis
Gerald Frank Lewis --to-- Mehitable Lewis
Melinda Lewis --to-- Alice Libby
Allen Libby --to-- Timothy Libby
Timothy Libby --to-- Camilla Liggett
Thurza Light --to-- Isaac Lincoln
Isaac Lincoln --to-- Henrietta Lindemann
William Lindemann --to-- Robert Lindstrom
Vickie Lindstrom --to-- Albert E. Lippitt
Alberta R. Lippitt --to-- Charles Lippitt (Jr.)
Charles Lippitt --to-- Frances Lippitt
Frances Lippitt --to-- John Bowen Lippitt
John Edward Lippitt --to-- Mary Lippitt
Mary Lippitt --to-- Peter Maxwell Lippitt
Phebe Lippitt --to-- Walter F. Lippitt
Warren Lippitt --to-- Joyce Irene Little
Judith Little --to-- Samuel Livermore
Alice Liversey --to-- Daniel William Lobert
David Anthony Lobert --to-- Abraham Lockwood
Adelia Sophia Lockwood --to-- William Loetterle
Anna Marie Christine Loff --to-- Hannah Long
Helen Long --to-- Cassandra Nicole Longsdorf
Cleo Ann Longsdorf --to-- Maude Loomis
Richard Baxter Loomis --to-- Kenneth Lord
Kenneth Lord --to-- Harriet Eleanor Lothrop
Harriet Harling Lothrop --to-- George Allen Love
George Sullivan Love --to-- Abigail Lovett
Addie May Lovett --to-- Whipple A. Lovett
William Lovett --to-- Wendell Blair Low
William Low --to-- John Lowiska

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