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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Marshall Neil Lemke --to-- Leonard
Leonard --to-- Louise Leonard
Louise Leonard --to-- Scott Lerohl
Taylor Scott Lerohl --to-- Rebecca Lester
Reuben Huntley Lester --to-- Phebe Ella Lewers
Willis Robert or William Robert Lewers or Lewis --to-- Edwin Palmer Lewis
Eliza Lewis --to-- Leon A. Lewis
Lester L. Lewis --to-- William Lewis
William Lewis --to-- Lydia Libby
Mary Libby --to-- Joyce Laureen Liebold
Katherine Liebold --to-- Abraham Lincoln
Agnes Wyman Lincoln --to-- Rose Lincoln
S. Anna Lincoln --to-- Ichabod Lindsay
John Lindsay --to-- Lucia Linthicum
Rebecca Collins Linthicum --to-- Anthony Lippitt
Arabella Lippitt --to-- Clinton Lippitt
Cora E. Lippitt --to-- Hannah Holden Lippitt
Harriet Lippitt --to-- Julia Lippitt
Julia Lippitt --to-- Mary Josephine Lippitt
Mary Knowles Lippitt --to-- Rose Ann Lippitt
Rudolph Warren Lippitt --to-- William Henry Lippitt
William Henry Lippitt (Jr.) --to-- Josiah Littlefield
Judith Littlefield --to-- Cheryl Darlene Lizer
Enrique Alejandro Llenas --to-- Dora Belle Locke
Ebenezer Locke --to-- Charles Lockwood
Charles L. Lockwood --to-- Robert E. Loftus
Thomas Loftus --to-- Laurie Long
Mary E. Long --to-- Doreen Luanne Longsdorf
Douglas Ray Longsdorf --to-- Selah Loomis
Selah B. Loomis --to-- Kenneth Lord
Lucy E. Lord --to-- Gertrude Hickling Lothrop
Gwendoline Lothrop --to-- Edward Love
Ella Louise Love --to-- Mary Emma Lovern
Nancy Frances Lovern --to-- Sanford Curtis Lovett (Jr.)
Sarah J. Lovett --to-- Mary Frances Low
Olive M. Low --to-- John Lowell (Reverend)
Mabel Lowell --to-- Millicent J. Lucek
Esmeralda Clara Lucero --to-- Asger Lund
Ashley Ann Lund --to-- Abbie E. Luther
Abbie F. Luther --to-- Frances Lucille Luthringer
Carolyn Lutschg --to-- Jean Louise Lynch
Jennie Lynch --to-- Experience Lyon
Experience Lyon --to-- Ledonia Lyons
Lorence Lyons --to-- Brooklyn Leigh MacDonald
Bruce MacDonald --to-- Solon Harvey MacMichael
Harriet Grace MacMillan --to-- Lucy Ann Mace
Mary Jane Mace --to-- William Mackie
Mary Mackintire --to-- Betty Lou Maddux
John W. Maddux --to-- Katherine Ann Mahler
Eunice Mahn --to-- Lester Dennison Maine
Louisa Maine --to-- James Malkmus
Reven Malkmus --to-- Mary Maltby
Mary Maltby --to-- Sarah Jane Manchester
Sarah W. Manchester --to-- Abram Mann
Adelia Alvira Mann --to-- Isaac Mann (Deacon)
James Mann --to-- William Metcalf Mann
Amey Mann or Amey Mann Lippitt --to-- Millard Fillmore Manning
Monica Eve Manning --to-- Manton
Alpha Draper Manton --to-- Alma Jane Mapes
Darlene Joan Mapes --to-- Catherine Marbury
Francis A. Marbury --to-- Robert Margettes
Amy Jane Margetts --to-- Glen John Marquis
Katelynn Marie Marquis --to-- George W. Marsh
Hannah Marsh --to-- Joel Marshall
Joel Marshall --to-- Adele Martin
Alden Martin --to-- James Martin
James Martin --to-- Stacy Marie Martin
Susan C. Martin --to-- Ann Eliza Mason
Anne G. Mason --to-- James Mason
James Mason --to-- Mary Lowe Mason
Mary M. Mason --to-- W. B. Mason
William Mason --to-- Samuel Mather

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