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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Pliny Fisk Olds --to-- Thedra C. Oliver
Wayne Oliver --to-- Abby Briggs Olney
Abby E. Olney --to-- Alice Olney
Alice Blanche Olney --to-- Anna Slack Olney
Anna or Anne or Nancy Olney --to-- Benjamin Olney
Benjamin Olney --to-- Charles Olney (Jr., Captain)
Charles Olney --to-- Clark William Olney
Clayton Olney --to-- David Kahn Olney
David Mack Olney --to-- Edward Allen Olney
Edward Everett Olney --to-- Ella Maria Olney
Ella Marie Olney --to-- Ethel Bernice Olney
Ethel Grace or Elizabeth Grace Olney --to-- Frank Burt Olney
Frank Fuller Olney --to-- George Lewis Olney
George Merlin Olney --to-- Hattie Serena Olney
Hazel Olney --to-- Ina Blanche Olney
Ina M. Olney --to-- James W. Olney
James William Olney --to-- John Olney
John Olney (Jr.) --to-- Joseph Olney
Joseph Olney --to-- Levi Almon Olney
Levina or Lavina Olney --to-- Luman R. Olney
Luther C. Olney --to-- Martha A. Olney
Martha Celia Olney --to-- Mary E. Olney
Mary E. Olney --to-- Minerva Olney
Minerva Elizabeth Olney --to-- Olive E. Olney
Olive S. Olney --to-- Prudence Olney
R. J. Meigs Olney --to-- Russell Olney
Ruth Olney --to-- Sardine S. Olney
Selenda M. or Celinda M. Olney --to-- Susan Smith Olney
Susanna Olney --to-- Walter Mowry Olney
Walter Orza Cassius Olney --to-- William M. Olney
William MacKenzie Olney --to-- Fredrick A. Olsen
Gerald LeRoy Olsen --to-- Carol Olson
Cena Anna Olson --to-- Gertrude Onan
Jose Victor Onativia --to-- John William Orem
Josiah W. Orem --to-- Dorman Orr
Ellen Orr --to-- Joe Oseland
William Henry Oseland --to-- George Robert Ostrander (III)
Joel Hunter Ostrander --to-- Mary Oughton
Einar Andrew Ousdahl --to-- Henry Walcott Owen
Hugh Walcott Owen --to-- Claire Elizabeth Owsley
Irene Owsley --to-- Alpheus S. Packard (Professor)
Alpheus Spring Packard (D.D.) --to-- Dewitt Clinton Packard
Dorothy Packard (twin) --to-- Granville Lyle Packard
Guy Hollis Packard --to-- Jerusha Wild Packard
Jesse Packard --to-- Martha Adelaide Packard
Martha Ann Seele Packard --to-- Rebecca Packard
Reyna Susan Packard --to-- Waldo Henry Packard
Walter Cushman Packard --to-- Cody Alta Padget
David Robert Padget --to-- Francis Page
George Aaron Page --to-- Phineas Page
Phineas Page --to-- Amasa Paine
Amey Paine --to-- Jehu Paine
Jehu Paine --to-- Sarah Paine
Sarah Paine --to-- Adaline Palmer
Agnes Emma Palmer --to-- Martha Palmer
Mary Palmer --to-- Robert Panning Brubaker
Scott Panning Brubaker --to-- Rebecca Marie Pardee
William Pardee --to-- John Parke (Capt.)
Keziah Parke --to-- Dana Parker
Danford Parker --to-- Ida May Parker
Iona Parker --to-- Mary Parker
Mary Parker --to-- Timothy Parker
Townsend Parker --to-- Martha Parkinson
Mary Ellen Parkinson --to-- Austin C. Parmenter
Georgia Moore Parmenter --to-- Emma Hepburn Parsons
Ezra J. Parsons --to-- George Alvin Passey
Anna Passmore --to-- Margaret Patching
Margery Patching --to-- William Chase Patten
William Samuel Patten --to-- Mary S. Patterson
Michael Dewayne Patterson --to-- Marietta Paul
Melissa Sarah Paul --to-- Curtis Pavy
Donald Pavy --to-- Wendell Lee Payne

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