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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

William Remington --to-- Christopher William Restin
Earl Vincent Restin --to-- Gaylord A. Reynolds
George M. Reynolds --to-- Robert Rhiel
Elmira Whipple Rhind --to-- Fenner S. Rhodes
Ferdinand Rhodes --to-- Phoebe Rhodes
Polly Rhodes --to-- Anna Rice
Anne Rice --to-- Edmund Rice
Edmund Rice --to-- Henry Rice
Henry Rice --to-- Martha Rice
Martha A. Rice --to-- Randall Rice
Randall Rice --to-- William S. Rice
William Warren Rice --to-- Robert William Richard
Scott Richard --to-- Martha Penelope Richards
Mary Richards --to-- Charles Henry Richardson
Clara Richardson --to-- John Warren Richardson (Jr.)
Jonathan Richardson --to-- Samuel Richardson (Lieutenant)
Sara Jane Richardson --to-- Edwin A. Richmond
Ellen Richmond --to-- Mary Patricia Richter
William Rick --to-- Luther Albert Riddle
Manuel Riddle --to-- Gary Lee Rietmann
Henry William Rietmann --to-- Jesse E. Ring
Thomas Ring --to-- Philip James Risley (Jr.)
Sally Risley --to-- Orrin S. Rix
Peggy Rix --to-- Asenath Robbins
Catherine Robbins --to-- Anita Dawn Roberts
Ann Elizabeth Roberts --to-- Judson Edwin Roberts
Kelly Scott Roberts --to-- Beatrice Eve Robertson
Belle Robertson --to-- Artemesia Victoria Robins
John Robins --to-- Erastus Robinson
Ethel Virginia Robinson --to-- Louisa M. Robinson
Lucie Robinson --to-- William B. Robinson
William Harry Robinson --to-- Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (Vice President)
Peter Clark Rockefeller --to-- Richard Charles Rodgers
Stephanie Renee Rodgers --to-- Thomas William Roe
Walter Douglas Roe --to-- Carlos Ladd Rogers
Charles Rogers --to-- Herman Richard Rogers
Herman Richard Rogers (Jr.) --to-- Mary Rogers
Mary Rogers --to-- William Rogers
William Rogers --to-- Lucy Rollins
Lydia Rollins --to-- Gustof Roomsburg
Michael Ray Roomsburg --to-- Harry Roper
Loretta Jane Roper --to-- Francis Marion Rose (Jr.)
Frank Daniel Rose --to-- Mark Rosewaren
Margaretta Rosewayne --to-- Sophia M. Ross
Stephen Ross --to-- Rounds
Abby Louisa Rounds --to-- Viola Malinda Routh
Leonard Row --to-- Henry D. Rowland
James F. Rowland --to-- Agnes Royer
Ruth Royer (Mrs.) --to-- Anna C. Ruggles
Benjamin Ruggles --to-- Richard Gene Rundell
William Rundell --to-- Asa Russell
Asa M. Russell --to-- John Henry Russell (Jr., Major General)
John W. Russell --to-- Betty Louise Rust
Herman Eugene Rust --to-- Richard Lynn Ryberg
Robert Sherwood Ryberg --to-- Sarah Saben
Sarah Ann Saben --to-- Charles J. Sackett
Clara A. Sackett --to-- Kellie Jo Sadler
Kenneth Paul Sadler --to-- Margaret Safford
Margaret Safford --to-- Anna Salisbury
Anna T. Salisbury --to-- Gordon William Salisbury
Hannah Salisbury --to-- Orra Anna Salisbury
Otis Salisbury --to-- Bessie Marguerite Salmon
David Salmon --to-- Lester Eber Samson
Nathaniel Samson --to-- Ryan Elizabeth Sanchez
Victor Sanchez --to-- Richard Sanders
Robert Long Sanders --to-- Emerette P. "Etta" Sanford
Enola Carrie Sanford --to-- Moses Sargent
Nellie A. Sargent --to-- Joshua Saunders
Joshua Saunders --to-- Hezekiah Sawtell
Joseph Sawtell (Deacon) --to-- Sophia Sawyer
Stephen Sawyer --to-- Arnold Sayles
Arnold Sayles --to-- Elizabeth Mitchell Sayles

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