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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Hosea E. Potter --to-- Mary Helen Potter
Mary Jane Potter --to-- William Potter
William A. Potter --to-- William E. Powell
William Ogden Powell --to-- Gideon Powers
Grace Emaline Powers --to-- Sarah Powers
Sarah Hale Powers --to-- Ernest Walter Pratt
Esther Pratt --to-- Parley Parker Pratt
Paul Pratt --to-- Elvira A. Prentice
Emily May Prentice --to-- Merial Clements Pressly
William Ralph Pressly --to-- Denise Marie Prestwich
Agnes Pretak --to-- Mae Pride
Olive Pride --to-- Isaac Pritchard
Mary Pritchard --to-- Mary Eliza Prosser
Mary Esther Prosser --to-- Sarah Helen Prouty
Sophia Prouty --to-- Charles L. Pulford (Sr.)
Charles Lefferts Pulford (Jr.) --to-- Elizabeth Clark Purrington
Mae Purrington --to-- Douglas Putnam
Douglas Putnam --to-- Murray Putnam
Murray Putnam --to-- Mercy Quarles
Robert Quarles --to-- William Quinn
Benjamin Quinney --to-- Joshua Michael Radle
Nicholas Paul Radle --to-- Andrew Ramczyk
Florence Jenny Ramczyk --to-- Daniel Ramsey
Danielle Lee Ramsey --to-- Clyde Guy Ranck
Doris Pauline Rancourt --to-- Alice Olney Randall
Allan Frederick Randall --to-- Edwin Ruthven Randall (II)
Electa Randall --to-- James Randall
James B. Randall --to-- Mary Randall
Mary Randall --to-- Simeon Randall
Smith Randall --to-- Julia H. Random
Carl Randrup --to-- Joseph Rosaria Rappazzo (IV)
Clara Louise Rappleye --to-- Susan Marie Ratfield
Florence Evelyn Rath --to-- Sylvia Rathbone
Thomas Rathbone --to-- Lillian Rawls
Margaret Rawls --to-- Charles Ray
Charles Arnold Ray --to-- Minnie Lucille Ray
Nancy Ray --to-- Mary Raymond
Mary A. Raymond --to-- Joseph Warren Razee
Julia Razee --to-- Lucy Rea
Mable Lissie Rea --to-- Miles Ismay Reay
Miles Lindsay Reay --to-- Tom Redington
Tommy Ray Redington (Jr.) --to-- Dale Dean Reed
Deborah Reed --to-- Martha Reed
Mary Reed --to-- Troll Rees
Reese --to-- Victoria Justene Reichstadt
Reid --to-- James Howard Reinhart
Janet Marlene Reinhart --to-- George Walter Remington
Hannah Remington --to-- Waitey Rhodes Remington
Walter Augusts Remington --to-- Brian Vincent Restin
Carolyn Anne Restin --to-- Florence Louise Reynolds
Francis Byron Reynolds --to-- James Polk Rezner
Lydia Alice Rezner --to-- Elisha Hunt Rhodes
Elisha Hunt Rhodes (Jr.) --to-- Mercy Rhodes
Mercy Burlingame Rhodes --to-- A. Hall Rice
Aaron Rice --to-- Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice --to-- George R. Rice
George W. Rice --to-- Joseph Rice
Joseph Holden Rice --to-- Nellie A. Rice
Noel Rice --to-- Thomas Rice (2nd)
Thomas Rice --to-- Ricardo Stephanie Rich
Robin Evelyn Rich --to-- Hannah Richards
Harold Avery Richards --to-- William Henry Richards
Zebina Melvin Richards --to-- George B. Richardson
George Bush Richardson --to-- Mary Richardson
Mary "Polly" Richardson --to-- William M. Richardson
William Scott Richardson --to-- Leila M. Richmond
Lewis Richmond --to-- Stephen D. Ridal
Beverly Jean Ridd --to-- Mary Rider
Nancy Rider --to-- Polly Ann Riggs
Sam Riggs --to-- Mary Ripley
Susan Ann Ripley --to-- Lola Rittenhouse
Cecile Ruth Ritter --to-- Daniel Rixtine (Sr.)

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