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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Ella Frances Sayles --to-- Joanna Sayles
John Sayles (Jr.) --to-- Mary Ann Sayles
Mary B. Sayles --to-- Sarah R. Sayles
Sarah W. Sayles --to-- Anna Scanlon
Patrick Scanlon --to-- Henry S. Schell
Jacob L. Schell --to-- Gregory William DuBois Schlosser
Louise Schlosser --to-- Harold Schofield
Josiah Schofield --to-- Doris Schradin
Kenneth Schradin --to-- Frank Schultz
Gerald Alvin Schultz --to-- Joel Bennett Knight Schwaber
Joseph H. Schwaber --to-- Albert Scott
Albert Bryan Scott (4th) --to-- Ethel Rosalthie Scott
Eugene Scott --to-- Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott --to-- Philip Capron Scott
Raymond Scott --to-- Claude Fredrick Scotts
James Scoules --to-- Daniel Seagrave
Eugene Seagraves --to-- Deborah Searcy
Grace Gordon Searight --to-- Clarence Arthur Seaton
Rugene Rogers Seaton --to-- Arlene Seeley
Bert Seeley --to-- Caroline Seissbrich
Gottlieb Seissbrich --to-- Curt Semph
Loren Semph --to-- Nelson Sewell
Ward Sewell --to-- Agnes Amy Shafer
Agnes Emma Shafer --to-- Anna Maria Shaffer
Anne Louise Shaffer --to-- John A. Shannon
John Lafayette Shannon --to-- Claude Shatto
Loretta Jean Shatto --to-- Charles Shaw
Charlotte A. Shaw --to-- Mary E. Shaw
Mary Gertrude Shaw --to-- Patience Shearman
Robert Shearman --to-- Benjamin E. Sheldon
Betsy Sheldon --to-- Lester Whipple Sheldon
Lucina Wilkinson Sheldon --to-- Susannah Sheldon
Sylvina or Levina Sheldon --to-- Harold P. Shepard
Helen C. Shepard --to-- Susan Sheppard
Suzanne Lorraine Sheppard --to-- Elizabeth Sherman
Elizabeth Northup Sherman --to-- Lucy Jane Sherman
Lulu Sherman --to-- William Thomas Shermeta
Charlotte Stephanie Shermeta-Malotke --to-- Mary Frances Shields
Maurice "M.D." Dean Shields (Jr.) --to-- Kirk Shirley
Lavonne Shirley --to-- John Short
John Short --to-- Michael James Shuart
Stephen Jason Shuart --to-- Sarah Ann Shuttleworth
Nettie Shutts --to-- Sylvia Siddoway
Catharine Sidener --to-- Ira Benjamin Silverstein
Rebecca "Beki" Whipple Silverstein --to-- George H. Simmons
Harold Gardner Simmons --to-- Walter Cook Simmons (Jr.)
Wayne Allen Simmons --to-- Ben Simpson
Betsy Simpson --to-- Jeremiah "Jerry" Sims
John Sims --to-- Larry Siperly
Matthew Siperly --to-- Devon Dawn Skelton
Donna Lee Skelton --to-- Grace B. Skinner
Gwen Skinner --to-- Peter Niels Skouson
Rae Skouson --to-- Harold N. Slade
Harvey M. Slade --to-- Arthur Lee Slawson
Bessie Ellen Slawson --to-- John Sloat
Rolla Sloat --to-- Fred Howard Smalley
George Hollis Smalley --to-- Smith
Smith --to-- Adelaide Smith
Adelaide Amanda Smith --to-- Alonzo Smith
Alonzo Frederick Smith --to-- Anne Smith
Anne Smith --to-- Bert Cleveland Smith
Bertha Smith --to-- Charles R. Smith
Charles Robinson Smith --to-- Cyna Smith
Cynthia Smith --to-- Dexter B. Smith
Dexter Bornes Smith --to-- Edwin M. Smith
Effie W. Smith --to-- Ellen Isora Smith
Ellen Tuie Smith --to-- Etta Maria Smith
Eugene Joseph Smith --to-- George Smith
George Smith --to-- Harold Smith
Harold Smith --to-- Herbert Edwin Smith
Herbert Emerson Smith --to-- James Smith
James Smith --to-- Jerome A. Smith (Dr.)

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