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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Dawn Skye Roach --to-- George Robbins
George M. Robbins --to-- Charles Eugene Roberts
Charles Michael Roberts --to-- Martha Roberts
Martin Roberts (Sr., Lieutenant) --to-- Emily Patty Robertson
Ernest Alexander Robertson --to-- Adelade L. Robinson
Alethea Robinson --to-- Fred Arthur Robinson
Gail Romaine Robinson --to-- Margaretta Robinson
Maria Robinson --to-- William P. Robinson
William Perkins Robinson --to-- Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (Vice President)
Peter Clark Rockefeller --to-- Kevin Rodgers
Mary Rodgers --to-- Nicholas Lee Roe
Patricia Yvonne Roe --to-- Angeline Rogers
Angeline Amelia "Angie" Rogers --to-- Hannah Rogers
Hannah Amelia Rogers --to-- Mabel Aurilla Rogers
Margaret Ann Rogers --to-- Susanna Rogers
Susanna Rogers --to-- Patricia Rolland
Rollin --to-- Susanna Roof
Edgar Quarles Rooker --to-- Lucy Caroline Root
Margaret Root --to-- Asa Rose
Benjamin Myung Sik Rose --to-- Thankful Rose
Valorie Ann Rose --to-- Hiram Ross
Isaac Ross (Jr.) --to-- William Rotch
Rita Ann Rotering --to-- Susan J. Rounds
Robert Rounds or Round --to-- Mary Ann Rowe
Mary Ellen Rowe --to-- Lincoln Russell Rowley
Lucinda Rowley --to-- Wilda Jean Rucker
Doris Rucks --to-- Donald Ruhf
Helen Margarite Ruhl --to-- John Runnels or Reynolds
Martha Ann Runyon --to-- David Allen Russell (Reverend)
David Carl Russell --to-- Levi F. Russell
Louis A. Russell --to-- Timothy Jean Rust
Rustand --to-- Florence Ryer
Arthur Larned Ryerson --to-- Benjamin Sabin
Benjamin Sabin --to-- Huldah Sackett
Jennie Sackett --to-- Kyle Wesley Sadler
Lee Mitchell Sadler --to-- Martha Safford
Mary Safford --to-- Anna T. Salisbury
Anna T. Salisbury --to-- George W. Salisbury
Gordon William Salisbury --to-- Orange "Orin" Salisbury
Orian Salisbury --to-- Roger Salloom
Floy Ruth Salls --to-- Polly Sampson
Samuel Sampson --to-- Andrew Sanchez
David Kenneth Sanchez --to-- Marshall Danforth Sanders
Marshall Danforth Sanders (Jr.) --to-- Elise S. Sandstrom
Abigail Sanford --to-- Benjamin Sargent
Ebenezer Sargent --to-- Catherine Saunders
Cecil Allen Saunders (III) --to-- William Whipple Savage
Elizabeth Savery --to-- Lennah Bell Sawyer
Lewis Fish Sawyer --to-- Albert Hardin Sayles
Albert Leprelet Sayles --to-- David Sayles (Captain)
David Sayles --to-- Harriet Sayles
Harriet Sayles --to-- Lucy C. Sayles
Lucy M. Sayles --to-- Philena Sayles
Phydela or Phidelia Sayles --to-- William Harrison Sayles
William Martin Sayles --to-- Edward Manning Schafner
Ila Caroline Louise Schaller --to-- Clinton Jordan Schild
Anna Michelle Schilke --to-- Wilhelm Schmidt
Linda Schmitt --to-- Bessie Scholten
John Schonberger --to-- Pauline Schreyer
Brian Schriever --to-- Minnie Schultz
Pam E. Schultz --to-- Mona Frieda Schwer
James Edward Schwertfager --to-- Archibald Scott
Arthur Floyd Scott --to-- Grace Scott
Gustavus Scott --to-- Kaylee Julianna Elizabeth Scott
Kenneth Allen Scott --to-- Robert Hunter Scott (Jr.)
Robert William Scott --to-- Elton Elliott Scouten
Minnie Scouten --to-- Eugene Seagraves
Joseph Seagraves --to-- Walter S. Searchfield
Deborah Searcy --to-- Pamela Kay Seastrom
John Bruce Seat --to-- Wendell Larry See
Seebeck --to-- Chelsea Mae Seifert
Ida M. Seifert --to-- Harriet Seymour Selover

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