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165160 individuals, 62669 families from file 20210410.ged (10 Apr 2021)

Maude or Maud B. Sellars --to-- R. T. Servis
Brenda Sessengood --to-- Chloe Seymour
Edward Seymour --to-- Hazel Mary Shafer
Herbert Nelson Shafer --to-- Paul V. Shaffer
Philip Shaffer --to-- Emily Elizabeth Sharp
Florence Cannon Sharp --to-- Mary A. Shattuck
Milo Shattuck --to-- Greenleaf Shaw
Hannah Shaw --to-- Sarah Shaw
Sarah Ann Shaw --to-- Clara Sheehan
Etta Sheehan --to-- Elizabeth Sheldon
Elizabeth Sheldon --to-- Mercy Sheldon
Mildred Sheldon --to-- Bonnie Faye Shelley
Nahum Shelley --to-- Otis Shepard
Richard Garland Shepard --to-- Nan L. Sheriff
William Sheriff --to-- Frank J. Sherman
Frederic Sherman --to-- Oliver Perry Sherman
Olivia Jillson Sherman --to-- Harry Sherstone
Henry Clay Sherwin --to-- Landon David James Shimon
Shane A. Shimon --to-- Ellen Shoemaker
Francis Shoemaker --to-- Aileen Shortley
Shorts --to-- Paul E. Shultz
Phyllis Ann Shultz --to-- Darius Boyden Sibley
Dorothy Sibley --to-- Raymond Dean Siegel
Steve Siegel --to-- Brent Simanski
Corrina Lynn Simanski --to-- Laura C. Simmons
Lavinia Simmons --to-- Theodore W. Simon (Jr.)
Simonds --to-- Ina Mae Simpson
John Simpson --to-- Zura or Zeuras Sims
Theron Sims or Simes --to-- Mary E. Sisk
James G. Sissel --to-- Sarah Marie Skelton
Terry Arden Skelton --to-- Maria Skinner
Mary Skinner --to-- Emma Skov
Holger William Skov --to-- Ellen Whipple Slater
Esther Hunt "Hope" Slater --to-- Nellie Estelle Slawson
Nettie Clara Slawson --to-- Giles Slocum
Leon R. Slocum --to-- Frederick Ivory Percival Smart
Herbert Leighton Smart --to-- Smith
Smith --to-- Albert B. Smith
Albert Chapman Smith --to-- Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith --to-- Arad Smith
Arana M. Smith --to-- Blanche Violet Smith
Bohen Smith --to-- Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith --to-- Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith --to-- Don Carlosl Smith (Sr.)
Donald Smith --to-- Eleanor Smith
Eleanor Smith --to-- Elmer Smith
Elmer A. Smith --to-- Eva Jane Smith
Eva Lou Smith --to-- George Smith
George Smith --to-- Harold Smith
Harold Smith --to-- Herbert Smith
Herbert Croford Smith --to-- Jacob Smith
Jacob S. Smith --to-- Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith --to-- John Smith
John "Johnny" Smith --to-- June Pearl Smith
Junia Smith --to-- Lilly Madora Smith
Lina Smith --to-- Mabel Murdock Smith
Mack Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary Jane Smith
Mary Jane Smith --to-- Mowry W. Smith
Myra B. Smith --to-- Olive Smith
Olive Smith --to-- Phineas C. Ty Smith
Phoebe I. Smith --to-- Richard Allen Smith
Richard Bennie Smith --to-- Sabra Smith
Sada Smith --to-- Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith --to-- Solomon Smith
Sophia Smith --to-- Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith --to-- Willard S. Smith
William Smith --to-- Zenas Smith
Zephely Smith --to-- Robert Snell
Rufus Phillip Snell --to-- James Chaincery Snow

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