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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Jerome A. Smith --to-- John Edward Smith
John F. Smith --to-- Katheryn Opperman Smith
Kathryn Smith --to-- Loanna Smith
Lois Smith --to-- Marcia Smith
Marcia Lippitt Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary Steere Smith
Mary W. Smith --to-- Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith --to-- Oliver B. Smith
Oliver Culver Smith --to-- Polly Moore Smith
Prince Smith --to-- Roancy E. Smith
Robby Smith --to-- Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith --to-- Sarah Ann Smith
Sarah Arnold Smith --to-- Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith --to-- Thursa Nina Smith
Tina Marie Smith --to-- William Smith
William Smith (Jr.) --to-- Lillian Jane Smitt
Nathon Smitt --to-- Thomas Frederick Sniffin
Clarence Eugene Snitchler --to-- Lippitt Cory Snow
Lucy Snow --to-- Hugh Marshall Snyder
Ida Jenkins Snyder --to-- Maria Eugenia Soffia
Marilyn Jean Sohl --to-- Susan Sommers
Stacey Dean Son --to-- Ellen Soupe
Justina Sousa --to-- Sarah Sweet Southwick
Sophronia Southwick --to-- Estella Rebecca Spafford
George Spafford --to-- Harold Charles or Charles H. Sparks
Hattie M. Sparks --to-- Harriet Spaulding
Henry S. Spaulding --to-- Charles C. Spear
Cynthia Spear --to-- Mary Spence
Mary A. Spence --to-- H. Spencer
Harriet Spencer --to-- Nabbie Spencer
Nabby Spencer --to-- Abel Sperry
Abel Sperry --to-- Sidney Kyle Sperry
Stephen Sperry --to-- Betsy Spooner
Betty Spooner --to-- Abraham Sprague
Adeliza Sprague --to-- Daniel Sprague
Daniel Sprague --to-- Henry B. Sprague
Henry Barton Sprague --to-- Mary Sprague
Mary Sprague --to-- Ruth Sprague
Ruth Sprague --to-- William H. Sprague
William Herbert Sprague --to-- Larry Sprout
Alice Maude Spry --to-- Edmund Stacy
Harriet F. Stacy --to-- Mary Stafford
Mary Stafford --to-- Glen Orion Stallings
Hannah Lorine Stallings --to-- Hiram Stanley
Isaac Stanley --to-- Julia Ann Stanton
Laura Martha Stanton --to-- Clifford Blanchard Staples
Cotee Staples --to-- Lillis Staples
Lionel Staples --to-- Jennie Gladys Starbird
Calvin Starbuck --to-- Charles Starley
Christian John Starley --to-- George A. Startz
Kenneth Lee Startz --to-- Bruce Kevin Stearns
Carl Stone Stearns --to-- Isaac Stearns
Isaac Stearns --to-- Ruth Stearns
Ruth Stearns --to-- Hannah Stedman
Isaac Stedman --to-- Mallene Steele
Margaret Anne Steele --to-- Asa Steere
Asahel Day Steere --to-- Emma D. Steere
Emma Rebecca Steere --to-- Israel H. S. Steere
James Steere --to-- Mary Steere
Mary Steere --to-- Ruth Steere
Ruth Steere --to-- Waity Mowry Steere
Waldo Emerson Steere --to-- Theodore Christian Steinagel
Auguste L. Steinat --to-- Grace Stephensen
Hunter Triver Stephensen --to-- Martha Sternbeck
Charles F. Sternberg --to-- Catalina Stevens
Charles Stevens --to-- Hester Stevens
Homer Stevens --to-- Roswell Stevens
Roswell Stevens (Jr.) --to-- Welcome Stevenson
Caasi Norton Steves --to-- Irene Stewart
Isabel Stewart --to-- Stacey Lee Stewart
Susan Cantle Stewart --to-- Cynthia Stiles
Ebenezer Stiles --to-- Ella Mae Stimson

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