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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Mary Selover --to-- Frank Joseph Sewald
Joan Mary Sewald --to-- Rick Shacklett
Dean B. Shadduck --to-- Ruth Emma Shafer
Ruth May Shafer --to-- Evan Shankster
Joanna Shankster --to-- Elizabeth Sharparowe
Amey Dexter Sharpe --to-- Abigail Shaw
Addison Shaw --to-- John P. Shaw
John or Joseph Shaw --to-- Kathleen Shawhan
William Shawhan --to-- Ruth Sheffield
Erwin Shelby --to-- Hannah Sheldon
Harriet Sheldon --to-- Olive Sheldon
Olive Angenette Sheldon --to-- Clara A. Shelton
Frances Ann Shelton --to-- Aaron Shepardson
Damaris Shepardson --to-- Sherman
Abbie Whipple Sherman --to-- George Willard Sherman
Georgette Wetmore Sherman --to-- Olivia or Olive Sherman
Oscar Rhodes Sherman --to-- Harry Sherstone
Henry Clay Sherwin --to-- Kune Shimizu
Mine Shimizu --to-- Edwin Giles Shoell
Adell Shoemaker --to-- Sarah Short
Sarah Short --to-- Daniel Leroy Shull (Sr.)
Daniel Leroy Shull (III) --to-- Albert Paul Sibley
Alexander Sibley --to-- Alfred J. Sidwell
Sieber --to-- Sandra Silvester
Sarah "Sally" Silvester --to-- Harrison Simmons
Harrison Simmons --to-- Wayne Allen Simmons
Whitefield Simmons --to-- Ashley Elizabeth Simpson
Ben Simpson --to-- Hezekiah Sims
Jane Sims --to-- George Rosegarten Sinnickson
Louise Lippitt Sinnickson --to-- Brady James Skelton
Brian Eugene Skelton --to-- Elsie Skinner
Eveline Skinner --to-- Kay Darrell Skouson
Keith Brown Skouson --to-- Phebe Slack
Resolved Slack --to-- William Bowen Slater
William Morris Hunt Slater --to-- Lendol H. Sliter
Alice Margaret Sloan --to-- Aaron Small
Aaron Pierce Small --to-- W. K. Smiley
Charles Robert Smilie --to-- Abigail Smith
Abigail Dawson Smith --to-- Alice Corinna Smith
Alice G. Smith --to-- Amos Rhodes Smith
Amphillis Smith --to-- Asha Smith
Augustus F. Smith --to-- Carrie Ward or Carrie Mabel Smith
Catherine Smith --to-- Christopher Smith
Cicely Harriet Alice Smith --to-- Daniel Angell Smith
Daniel Bullock Smith --to-- Dorothy Smith
Dorothy Smith --to-- Elisha Smith
Elisha Smith --to-- Emer Armington Smith
Emery T. Smith --to-- Fiametta "Dottie" Smith
Fidelia Smith --to-- George E. Smith
George Farlie Smith --to-- Harold Manton Smith
Harold Marvin Smith --to-- Herbert Newton Smith
Herbert Stanley Smith --to-- James Smith
James Smith --to-- Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith --to-- John Smith
John "Johnny" Smith --to-- Julinia Frances Smith
June Ann Smith --to-- Lillian Whiting Smith
Lillie Rosina Smith --to-- Lydia Reed Smith
Lyle Smith --to-- Martin L. Smith
Marvin Smith --to-- Mary E. Smith
Mary E. Bradford Smith --to-- Molly Smith
Monte Smith --to-- Newton Jasper Smith
Nicholas Smith --to-- Phebe Smith
Phebe Smith --to-- Rhoda Smith
Rhoda Smith --to-- Ruth Smith
Ruth Smith --to-- Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith --to-- Silas Smith
Silas Smith --to-- Susanna Smith
Susanna Smith --to-- Walter Smith
Walter Smith --to-- William C. Smith
William Edmund Smith --to-- Veral Fay Sneary
Verleta Edith Sneary --to-- Annie Baker Snow
Anthony Snow --to-- Richard Carter Snow

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