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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Nellie Adeline Strope --to-- George Stubbs
George Walter Stubbs --to-- Louisa Sturm
Abbie Eudora Sturtevant --to-- David Brian Suisse
David Charles Suisse --to-- Elizabeth Sumner
Ephraim Sumner --to-- Harry Grover Suttle
James H. Suttle --to-- Oscar Milton Swain
Phebe Myrtle Swain --to-- Mary Swan
Mary Brown Swan --to-- Rosa Mae Swartz
Edith Swasey --to-- Elizabeth "Betsey" Sweet
Elizabeth A. Sweet --to-- Loring Brown Sweet (Jr.)
Loring Brown Sweet --to-- Thomas Sweet
Thomas Sweet --to-- Benjamin Frank Swett
Bessie Swett --to-- Brian Edward Switzer
Carl Switzer --to-- Arthur Henley Symons
Helen Henley Symons --to-- Job Tafft
Mary Tafft --to-- Henry Taft
Huldah Taft --to-- Sarah Taft
Sarah Taft --to-- Henry J. Talbot
Jennie M. Talbot --to-- Tanguay
Edwin Haynes Tanguay --to-- Pansy Tanner
Phoebe Tanner --to-- Matthew Tarleton
Susan Tarleton --to-- Ambrose Taylor
Amelia Ann "Amanda" "Milly" Taylor --to-- Ernest Ansel Taylor
Ethel Taylor --to-- John Taylor
John A. Taylor --to-- Naomi Taylor
Nathaniel Taylor (Deacon) --to-- William Taylor
William Alfred Taylor --to-- Emily Tefft
Freelove Tefft --to-- George Hubbard Tenney
Hattie E. Tenney --to-- Fillmore Testa (Sr.)
Isaac Testa --to-- Samuel Thatcher
Sarah Thatcher --to-- Emmie A. Thayer
Emmons Thayer --to-- Louisa Thayer
Lucinda Thayer --to-- Uriah Thayer
Willard Thayer --to-- Kenneth Thoma
Myron Thoma --to-- David Thomas (Jr.)
David Thomas (III) --to-- Leah Thomas
Lemira A. Thomas --to-- Trephana Thomas
Washington H. Thomas --to-- Edward A. Thompson
Edwin James Thompson (twin) --to-- John Thompson
John Thompson --to-- Sarah Rodman Thompson
Sarah T. Thompson --to-- Diane Thorgeson
Clifford Thorison --to-- Arthur William Thornton
Arthur William Thornton (Jr.) --to-- Hattie Thornton
Henrietta Thornton --to-- Robert Sheldon Thornton
Ronald John Thornton --to-- Harvie Throne
Dan Throop (Captain) --to-- Harriet A. Thurber
Harriet E. Thurber --to-- Benjamin Francis Thurston
Benjamin Francis Thurston (Jr.) --to-- Gladys B. Tibbetts
Henry Tibbetts (Jr.) --to-- Tier
Charles Thomas Tier --to-- Joseph Tilden
Joseph Tilden --to-- Henry E. Tillinghast
John Tillinghast --to-- Phebe Timmanus
Elaine Helen Timmerman --to-- Mary Frances Tingley
Mary Magee Tingley --to-- Jennifer Lynne Titcomb
Leslie Monesse Titcomb --to-- William A. Tobie
Tobin --to-- Nava Toepfer
Togel --to-- Cynthia Colleen Tone
Mary Jean Toner --to-- Annette Torman
Andrea Marie Tormohlen --to-- Sarah Tourtellot
Whiteman Tourtellot --to-- Belle Tower
Benjamin Tower --to-- Denise Elizabeth Tower
Dewey Tower --to-- Frank C. Tower
Frank Sainter Tower --to-- Isaac Tower (Jr.)
Isaac Dexter Tower --to-- Lee L. Tower
Lee Verne Tower --to-- Mary Ella Tower
Mary Ellen Tower --to-- Rebecca Jane Tower
Reuben Tower --to-- Wanda Hymer Tower
Wanton Tower --to-- Fidelia Towne
Gordon Towne --to-- Edith Tracy
Elizabeth Tracy --to-- George K. Trask
George Washington Nelson Trask --to-- Joseph Tyler Treadwell
Lucy Ann Treadwell --to-- KaLeena Trembly

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