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Index of Persons

165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

David Coolidge Stone --to-- Ebenezer Stone
Ebenezer Stone --to-- Edwin A. Stone
Edwin Anthony Stone --to-- Elizabeth Stone (Mrs.)
Elizabeth Stone --to-- Ellen Amelia Stone
Ellen Appleton Stone (M.D.) --to-- Emma F. Stone
Emma F. J. Stone --to-- Ethel Woodruff Stone
Etta Estella Stone --to-- Fanny Stone
Fanny Stone --to-- Frank Stone
Frank Stone --to-- Frederick Augustus Stone
Frederick Cunliffe Stone --to-- George Francis Stone
George Frank Stone --to-- Gertrude Mary Stone
Gilbert Stone --to-- Hannah Stone
Hannah Stone --to-- Harry Stone
Harry Adna Stone --to-- Henry Stone
Henry Stone --to-- Herbert Winslow Stone
Herbert Winslow Stone --to-- Ionia Stone
Ira Stone --to-- James Stone
James Stone --to-- Jeanette Ruth Stone
Jedediah Estabrook Stone --to-- John Stone (Captain)
John Stone (Sergeant) --to-- John P. Stone
John Pierpont Stone --to-- Joseph Stone
Joseph Stone --to-- Julia A. Stone
Julia A. Stone --to-- Laura Sophia Stone
Laurestine Stone --to-- Levi Stone
Levi Stone --to-- Louisa Stone
Louisa Stone --to-- Lucy Ella Stone
Lucy Ellen Stone --to-- Lydia Richardson Stone
Lydia Richardson Stone --to-- Marian A. Stone
Marian Josephine Stone --to-- Marvin Stone
Marvin Alexis Stone --to-- Mary Stone
Mary "Polly" Harrington Stone --to-- Mary L. Stone
Mary L. Stone --to-- Melvin Bailey Stone
Melzar Flagg Stone --to-- Moses Stone
Moses Stone --to-- Nathan E. Stone
Nathan H. Stone --to-- Olive Bethia Stone
Olive L. Stone --to-- Percivall Angus Stone
Percy Allyn Stone --to-- Prudence Stone
Putnam Stone --to-- Richard Stone
Richard Stone --to-- Ruth May Stone
Ruth Sybil Stone --to-- Samuel H. Stone
Samuel Hurlbut Stone --to-- Sarah L. "Sally" Stone
Sarah Lizzie Stone --to-- Simon Stone (Captain)
Simon Stone --to-- Susan Stone
Susan Stone --to-- Theodore Stone
Theodore Stone --to-- Walter Arlington Stone
Walter B. Stone --to-- William Stone
William Stone --to-- William Huntington Stone
William Ira Stone --to-- Susannah Stoner
Susannah Stoner --to-- Henry John Stopplecamp
John Alvin Stopplecamp --to-- Zachariah Story (Deacon)
Anna Electa Stott --to-- David Stowell
Eliza A. Stowell --to-- Charles M. Strahan (Jr.)
Morris Strahl --to-- Mary Stratton
Mary Elizabeth Stratton --to-- Caroline Streeter
Carroll Francis Streeter --to-- Julia Ann Streeter
Juliet Augusta Streeter --to-- John Willis Streeter or Whipple
Max C. Streicher --to-- Dorothy Louise Strong
Earl Edgar Strong --to-- John Wesley Stryker
Lloyd Nelson Stryker --to-- Gerald L. Stumpf
Troy Stumpf --to-- Sarah Huldah Sturtevant
Sarah Maria Sturtevant --to-- James Henry Sullivan
James W. Sullivan --to-- Ellen Marie Sunquist
Haley Supkoski --to-- Kaj Edvard Svendsen
Lea Svendsen --to-- Swan
Ada M. Swan --to-- David Swann
Elizabeth Amory Swann --to-- Abigail Sweet
Albert B. Sweet --to-- George Willard Sweet
Gilbert Aldrich Sweet --to-- Mary A. Sweet
Mary E. Sweet --to-- William Sheldon Sweet
William Sheldon Sweet --to-- Terri Swidorsky
Addie May Swift --to-- Cynthia A. Switzer or Sweetzer or Snitzer
Jean Ellen Swoboda --to-- JoAnne Syska

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