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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Lyle Dwayne Trembly (Jr.) --to-- Irene Belle Triggs
John Eli Triggs --to-- Daniel Kirkwood Trimmer (Jr.)
Dorothy Trimmer --to-- Luella Trotter
Polly Trotter --to-- Edna Lettine Truedson
Nils Truedson --to-- Thomas Tubb
Jemima Tubbs --to-- Joseph P. Tucker
Judith Elizabeth Tucker --to-- William Niles Tuller
Mary Tully --to-- Charles Turner
Charles F. Turner --to-- Mary Jane Turner
Mary Kate Turner --to-- Josiah P. Tustin (Reverend)
Josephine Tute --to-- Benjamin Twiss
Grace Olive Twiss --to-- Gideon B. Tyler
Glenna Denise Tyler --to-- Viola Edith Tyler
Willard Allen Tyler --to-- Alma Underkoffler
Clayton Underkoffler --to-- Samuel Ungright
Hattie Unk --to-- Ruth Upham
Samuel Upham --to-- Hannah Vaden
Kyle Vaden --to-- Ammaron Clifton Valora
Hayden Peter Valora --to-- Louie Van Deventer
Marion Van Deventer --to-- Pauline Ruth Van Etten
Robert Van Etten --to-- James Henry Van Natta (Sr.)
Leo Van Natta --to-- Anthony VanEtten
Christopher Jon VanEtten --to-- Rene Vandenabeele
Cara Jean Vandenberg --to-- Laverne Varney
Mary Varney --to-- Edith Waite Vault
Floyd Sherman Vawter --to-- Edward Vermilya
Edward Charles Vermilya --to-- Henry Townsend Viall
Henry Townsend Viall (Jr.) --to-- Cayden Paul Villescas
Paul Villescas --to-- Wendy Vincent
William Hicks Vincent --to-- Beverly Ann Vogt
Bonnie Jean Vogt --to-- Anna Vorce
Hattie Vorce --to-- Margaret Vreeland
Susan Vreeland --to-- Anora Jewell or Annora Bentley Wade
Arthur Granville Wade --to-- Mary B. Wade
Maudell Francine Wade --to-- David Wadsworth
David Wadsworth --to-- Seraph F. Wadsworth
Stephen Wadsworth --to-- Wagstaff
Alta Wagstaff --to-- Dean Daniel Waite
Dorothy Waite --to-- Cynthia Walcott
Edmund Sewall Walcott --to-- William C. Walden
William Clair Walden --to-- Elsie Mae Walesby
Waley --to-- Betty Jean Walker
Brad Robert Walker --to-- George Appleton Walker
George Appleton Walker (2d) --to-- Lewis Walker
Lewis Walker --to-- Phineas Walker
Phineas Walker (II) --to-- April Wallace
Audrey Wallace --to-- Ann H. Waller
Avonda Belle "Vonnie" "Vonda" Waller --to-- John Walling
John Walling --to-- Lynn Walls
Peggy Lee Walls --to-- Melissa Arvira Walter
Ruth Walter --to-- Stacy Walton
Taylor Forrest Walton --to-- Frances Wanton
Mary Wanton --to-- Earnest Ward
Edward Ward --to-- Lester Luroy Ward
Linda Kay Ward --to-- Sybil Ward
Sybil Ward --to-- Carl Bruce Wark
Charles Johnston Wark --to-- Mary Warner
Mary Warner --to-- Carrie Grace Warren
Charles Warren --to-- James Henry Warren
Jane Warren --to-- Samuel Warren (Captain)
Samuel Warren --to-- George Washburn
Grace Washburn --to-- Sarah Waterhouse
Sarah H. Waterhouse --to-- Benjamin Waterman
Benjamin Waterman --to-- Elizabeth Ann Waterman
Elizabeth Atwood Waterman --to-- James Albert Waterman
James Atwood Waterman --to-- Lydia B. Waterman
Lydia Fiske Waterman --to-- Nicholas Waterman
Nicholas Sheldon Waterman --to-- Simon Waterman
Simon Waterman --to-- John Waters
Joseph Waters --to-- Cheri Watne
Watrous --to-- Clifford Mozart Watrous
Clifton Allen Watrous --to-- Esther Watrous

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