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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

John Sysyn --to-- Abigail Taft
Abigail Brown Taft --to-- James Taft
James Taft --to-- Silas Taft
Silas Taft --to-- Jennie M. Talbot
Judson C. Talbot --to-- Polly Tandy
Tanguay --to-- Myrna Tanner
Palmer Tanner --to-- Solomon Tarbox
Solomon K. Tarbox --to-- Alex Taylor
Alexander Taylor --to-- Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor --to-- Jan Lee Taylor
Jane Eleanor Taylor --to-- Mary J. Taylor
Mary Jane Taylor --to-- Theodore Taylor
Thomas Taylor --to-- Nathan Rolen Teel
Ralph Teel --to-- Ingeborg Isabel "Belle" Tenjum
Donald James Tennant --to-- Irene Pricilla Terry
Ithiel Terry --to-- James Madison Tharp
Trisha Ilene Tharp --to-- Charles Thayer
Charles D. Thayer --to-- Hezekiah Thayer
Hosea Thayer (Captain) --to-- Philadelphia Thayer
Philinda Thayer --to-- Rebecca Lynne Theurer
Ruth Naomi Theurer --to-- Alma Angelia Thomas
Alton Taft Thomas --to-- Frank Thomas
Franklin Walter Thomas --to-- Michael Wayne Thomas
Mildred Thomas --to-- Aaron Thompson
Abby Frances Thompson --to-- Eva M. Thompson
Fannie Thompson --to-- Laurinda Thompson
Lena Grace Thompson --to-- Tanya Sue Thompson
Thomas Thompson --to-- Ken Thorn
Kenneth Neil Thorn (Sr.) --to-- Betty Jean Thornton
Caroline E. Thornton --to-- Ira Thornton
Ira Stebbins Thornton --to-- Ronald John Thornton
Rosa May Thornton --to-- Alfred Throne
Harvie Throne --to-- Hannah Thurber
Hannah Gorham Thurber --to-- Ann or Anne Thurston
Anthony Thurston --to-- Arthur Tibbetts
Avis Tibbetts --to-- Linette Marie Tiedemann
Lucille Angeline Tiedemann --to-- Catherine Tilden
Charles Tilden --to-- Cynthia Tillinghast
Daniel Tillinghast --to-- Lucien B. Tilly
Elizabeth Catherine Tilsley --to-- George Tingley
George B. Tingley --to-- Jeannette Tinlin
Constance Tinning --to-- Caroline Tobey
Charles Tobey --to-- Joseph Todd
Joseph G. Todd --to-- Sarah Tomlin
Tomlinson --to-- Fanny Toppan
Fanny Toppan --to-- Melanie Totelli
Toth --to-- Alice S. Tower
Allen Tower --to-- Cinderella L. Tower
Cinderilla Jane Tower --to-- Elton Tower
Elwyn Henry Tower --to-- Hannah Tower
Hannah Tower --to-- John Tower
John Tower --to-- Lucy Tower
Lucy Tower --to-- Nancy Tower
Nancy Ray Tower --to-- Sally Tower
Sally Elizabeth Tower --to-- William Porter Tower
William Scranton Tower --to-- Lillian Adelaide Towns
Webster M. Towns --to-- Linwood Tracy
Lois Tracy --to-- Lillian B. Travella
Marshall H. Travella --to-- Moses Hobson Treadwell (Captain)
Nathaniel Treadwell --to-- Edith Trenham
Donna Darlene Trenholm --to-- Aimee Michelle Trimmell
Andrew Louis Trimmell --to-- Bernen Tripe
Samuel Tripe --to-- Leonard Henry Trout
Rebecca Trout --to-- Franklin Truesdale
John G. Truesdale --to-- Jemima Tubbs
Josephine Tubbs --to-- John Hyme Tucker (Sr.)
Joseph Tucker --to-- Marie Rose Tuller
Melvin Tuller --to-- Berlie Eugene Turner
Bertha Mae Turner --to-- Marionette Turner
Marjorie Avis Turner --to-- John Turville
John H. Turville --to-- Hilda Elizabeth Stone Tuzo
Joseph E. Tuzo --to-- Edward Tyler (Captain)

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