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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Edward James Tyler --to-- Norma Beth Tyler
Olive Tyler --to-- Karen Ulrich
Kathy Ulrich --to-- Mary Maud Underwood
Matthew Underwood --to-- Gertrude Irene Upham
Hannah Upham --to-- Salinda Ann Usab
Betsy Usher --to-- John M. Valentine
June Valentine --to-- Henry T. Van Buskirk (twin)
John Van Buskirk --to-- Maggie Lu Ella Van Duzer
Mamie M. Van Duzer --to-- Terri Lee Van Housen
Court Van Houten --to-- Marcia Pauline Van Vechten
Aaron Van Vleck --to-- Earl Steere Vanatta (Jr.)
Elmer Ellsworth Vanatta --to-- Anna Vanderpool
Vanderveer --to-- David Vaughan
Melissa J. Vaughan --to-- E. Z. Veasey
Lily Florence Veasman --to-- Mary Ellen Vernoy
Burton Vernum --to-- Ida Vickery
John Vickery --to-- B. Elmer Vincent
Celinda Hicks Vincent --to-- Samuel H. Vinson
Willie Vinson --to-- Charles (Karl) Friedrich Martin Vogt
Charles Herbert Vogt --to-- Hattie Vorce
Janette Vorce --to-- Margaret Vreeland
Susan Vreeland --to-- Augustus Fenner Wade
Bertha May Wade --to-- Nancy Wade
Nancy Edson Wade --to-- David Wadsworth
Ebenezer Wadsworth --to-- Sarah S. Wadsworth
Seraph F. Wadsworth --to-- Dawn Marie Wagoner
Gene Wagoner --to-- Alvin Barnes Waite
Bessie B. Waite --to-- Amie Carroll Walcott
Anna G. Walcott --to-- Job Augustus Walden (Jr.)
Joseph H. Walden --to-- Lester C. Wales
Lydia Wales --to-- Appleton Walker
Archibald Carl Walker --to-- Ernest Herman Walker
Ernest Theophile Walker --to-- John Savage Walker
Johnny Jo Walker --to-- Mildred Walker
Mildred Emeline Walker --to-- William Walker
William Walker --to-- Max Dee Wallace
Milan Wallace --to-- Arca Walling
Charles Walling --to-- Smith Barnes Walling
Susan Walling --to-- Connor Andrew Walsh
Cyril Joseph Walsh --to-- Angela Joy Walton
Anne Marie Walton --to-- Benjamin Elvin Wanger
Heath Laramie Wanger --to-- Andrew H. Ward
Angeline Ward --to-- Harold Ward
Harriet Curtis Ward --to-- Minnie Ward
Miron Ward Ward --to-- Ichabod N. Wardwell
Lillian Florence Wardwell --to-- Elizo Warner
Ellen Warner --to-- Sarah Warner
Sarah Warner --to-- Edward C. Warren
Eleanor Warren --to-- Kathryn Emoline Warren
Leah Jane Warren --to-- Truman Abraham Warren
Truman Abraham Warren --to-- Mercy Washburn
Morris King Washburn --to-- Abbie Frances Waterman
Abby Frances Waterman --to-- Benoni Sarle Waterman
Bertha Gertrude Waterman --to-- Elsie Waterman
Elsie C. Waterman --to-- James Harris Waterman
James W. Waterman --to-- Lydia Warner Waterman
Mabel Louise Waterman --to-- Nicholas Sheldon Waterman
Patience Waterman --to-- Simon Waterman
Simon Waterman --to-- Jane Cathleen Waters
Jason Allan Waters --to-- Winifred Watkins
Zerviah Watkins --to-- Chester Morse Watrous
Clara Helen Watrous --to-- Emily Watrous
Emily W. Watrous --to-- Hopewell G. Watrous
Horace Greely Watrous --to-- Lucy Emeline Watrous
Lucy May Watrous --to-- Pearl H. Watrous
Phebe Watrous --to-- Timothy Watrous (Jr.)
Timothy Watrous (3rd) --to-- George Willette Watson
Hannah Watson --to-- Ethel May Watters
Mary "Polly" Watters --to-- Almina Weatherhead
Almira Weatherhead --to-- Weathers
Electra Weathers --to-- Stephen Merrill Weaver
Ted Weaver --to-- Peggy Jo Webb

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