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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Priscilla Marie Webb --to-- Annie F. Webster
Benjamin James Webster --to-- Wilma Jenkins Webster
Christy Weckesser --to-- Una Bell Weeden
William Augustus Weeden --to-- Joshua Wegner
Lois Esther Wegner --to-- Richard Weir
Richard L. Weir (Sr.) --to-- Sallie Welborn
Shirley Faye Welborn --to-- Sue Wellbrock
Welldow --to-- Wells
Wells --to-- Lydia Wells
Lydia Wells --to-- Alice Emma Wenham
Clarence DePere Wenham --to-- Mary Wenzell
Sarah French Wenzell --to-- Cecil Herman West
Charles West --to-- Mary Jane Elizabeth West
Nancy West --to-- Edwin Merrit Westcott
Eleanor Westcott --to-- Sara Westerfield
Nickolas Steven Westervelt --to-- Isaac Wetherbee
Katharine Wetherbee --to-- Robert Whaple
Robert Whaple --to-- Albert Lyman Wheeler
Alberta Wheeler --to-- Ephraim Myron Wheeler (Professor)
Erastus Monroe Wheeler --to-- Leander Wheeler
Lenora Wheeler --to-- Phebe Mowry Wheeler
Phoebe M. Wheeler --to-- Julia Esther Wheelihan
Myrtle Emma Wheelihan --to-- Elisabeth Whippell
Walter J. Whippell --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Abbie A. Whipple
Abbie Ellen Whipple --to-- Abigail Dane Whipple
Abigail Eliza Whipple --to-- Adah G. Whipple
Adalaide "Addie" Whipple (twin) --to-- Adram Whipple
Adria Whipple --to-- Albert B. Whipple (Jr.)
Albert Bangs Whipple --to-- Alexander Whipple
Alexander Whipple --to-- Alice Whipple
Alice Whipple --to-- Allen Whipple
Allen Whipple --to-- Almy Whipple
Alona C. Whipple --to-- Amanda Whipple
Amanda Whipple --to-- Amey Whipple
Amey Whipple --to-- Amy Louisa Whipple
Amy Louise Whipple --to-- Angeline Whipple
Angeline Whipple --to-- Anna Whipple
Anna Whipple --to-- Anne Whipple
Anne Whipple --to-- Ansel Whipple
Ansley Crissey Whipple --to-- Arminda Eliza Whipple
Arno Aldwyn Whipple --to-- Arthur Layton Whipple
Arthur Lee Whipple --to-- Augusta Whipple
Augusta Ann Whipple --to-- Barbara A. Whipple
Barbara Ann Whipple --to-- Belinda Caroline Whipple
Belle Whipple --to-- Benjamin F. Whipple
Benjamin F. Whipple --to-- Berten Edward Whipple
Berth Whipple --to-- Bethiah Whipple
Bethuel Whipple --to-- Beverly Jean "Betty" Whipple
Beverly Nan Whipple --to-- Brandi Whipple
Brandon Whipple --to-- Bryan Lee Whipple
Bryan Scott Whipple --to-- Calvin Ernest Whipple
Calvin F. Whipple --to-- Caroline Whipple
Caroline Whipple --to-- Carrie Emily Whipple
Carrie Emma Whipple --to-- Catherine M. Whipple
Catherine M. "Kate" Whipple --to-- Charles Whipple
Charles Whipple --to-- Charles Alfred Whipple
Charles Allen Whipple --to-- Charles F. Whipple
Charles F. Whipple --to-- Charles L. "Charlie" Whipple
Charles Leroy Whipple --to-- Charles William Whipple
Charles William Whipple --to-- Cheryl Whipple
Cheryl Whipple --to-- Christopher Whipple
Christopher Andrew Whipple --to-- Clarence Whipple
Clarence Whipple --to-- Clarissa or Clarinda Whipple
Clark Whipple --to-- Clinton David Whipple
Clinton Floyd Whipple --to-- Content Whipple
Content Whipple --to-- Crystal Dawn Whipple
Crystian Joseph Bryce Whipple --to-- Daisy Whipple
Daisy Whipple --to-- Daniel Whipple
Daniel Whipple --to-- Daniel L. Whipple
Daniel L. Whipple --to-- David Whipple

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