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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

Reade Darwin Whipple --to-- Rhoda Ann Whipple
Rhonda Lee Whipple --to-- Richard O. Whipple
Richard Owen Whipple --to-- Robert Whipple
Robert "Bob" W. Whipple --to-- Robert Lee Whipple
Robert Lee Whipple --to-- Rodger E. Whipple
Rodman F. Whipple --to-- Rosco Whipple
Roscoe Purdue "Red" Whipple --to-- Ruby Whipple
Ruby Whipple --to-- Ruth Whipple
Ruth Whipple --to-- Ryan Chad Whipple
Ryan Courtney Whipple --to-- Samuel Whipple
Samuel Whipple (twin) --to-- Samuel Henry Whipple
Samuel Henry or Henry S. "Harry S." Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah Ann Whipple
Sarah Ann Whipple --to-- Sarah L. Whipple
Sarah L. Whipple --to-- Senna Rae Whipple
Seraph Whipple --to-- Shirley Whipple
Shirley Whipple --to-- Simon B. Whipple
Simon Barton Whipple --to-- Stanley C. Whipple
Stanley Dean Whipple --to-- Stephen D. Whipple
Stephen Decatur Whipple --to-- Sullivan Whipple
Sumner Whipple --to-- Susanna Whipple
Susanna Whipple --to-- Tammy Whipple
Tammy Whipple --to-- Theresa Leigh Whipple
Theresa Marie Whipple --to-- Thomas D. Whipple
Thomas David Whipple --to-- Thornton Wilson Whipple (Jr.)
Thornton Wilson Whipple --to-- Truman Whipple (Sr.)
Truman Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Verna Eleanor Whipple
Verna Jean Whipple --to-- Virginia Whipple
Virginia Whipple --to-- Walter Whipple
Walter Whipple --to-- Walter Webster Whipple
Walter Wesley Whipple --to-- Wayne Buchanan Whipple
Wayne Dean Whipple --to-- Wilbur J. Whipple
Wilburn or William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William B. Whipple
William B. Whipple --to-- William Fayette Whipple
William Francis Whipple --to-- William Jay Whipple
William Jefferson Whipple --to-- William R. Whipple
William R. Whipple --to-- William Wilfred Whipple
William Winsor "Wynn" Whipple --to-- Woodrow Wilson Whipple
Worthy Whipple --to-- twin Whipple
twin Whipple --to-- Harrison S. Whitaker
Henry Whitaker --to-- Joanna Whitcomb
Joanna Whitcomb --to-- Alice Miranda White
Alpha White --to-- Ebenezer White
Ebenezer White --to-- Harriet White
Harriet J. White --to-- Lydia White
Lydia White --to-- Oscar Herbert White
Paraline White --to-- Edward Whitebread
Spencer Whitefeather --to-- Henry S. Whitford
Hulda Whitford --to-- Oliver Whitley
Betty Therolyn Whitlock --to-- Benjamin Whitmore
Carl E. Whitmore --to-- Eli Harrison Whitney
Eliakim Whitney --to-- Mary W. Whitney
Maude Whitney --to-- Patty or Martha Whittaker
Peronne Whittaker --to-- John Wickes (Jr.)
John Wickes --to-- Grace Wiggs
John W. Wiggs --to-- Harold Wilber
Luella Wilber --to-- Herman Jenks Wilbur
Hilda Luella Wilbur --to-- William Ramsdell Wilbur
Zeruiah Wilbur --to-- Joseph Wilcox
Juliann Wilcox --to-- Joseph Wild
Joseph Allen Wild --to-- Moses Wilder
Paulina Loretta Wilder --to-- Almira Wilkins
Annie Ward Wilkins --to-- Abby F. Wilkinson
Abeline Howe Wilkinson --to-- Candace Wilkinson
Caroline Wilkinson --to-- Francis Albert Wilkinson
Francis C. Wilkinson --to-- Jeptha Wilkinson
Jeptha Avery Wilkinson --to-- Lucy Wilkinson
Lucy Wilkinson --to-- Patience Wilkinson (twin)
Phebe Folger Wilkinson --to-- Vera Larraine Wilkinson

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