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165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Robert Dean Whipple --to-- Robert M. Valeda Whipple
Robert Mandel Whipple --to-- Roger I. Whipple
Roger Joseph Whipple --to-- Rose Mary Whipple
Rose Winifred Whipple --to-- Ruby Sophronia Whipple
Ruby Teagan Whipple --to-- Ruth Whipple
Ruth Whipple --to-- S. Lawrence "Larry" Whipple
Sabena Whipple --to-- Samuel Whipple
Samuel Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Samuel Hull Whipple
Samuel Ivan Whipple (Sr.) --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah Ann Whipple
Sarah Ann Whipple --to-- Sarah Josephine Whipple
Sarah Juanita Whipple --to-- Sena Whipple
Sena S. Whipple --to-- Sherman Leland Whipple (III)
Sherman Taylor Whipple --to-- Simeon Dana Whipple
Simeon Foster Whipple --to-- Spencer David Whipple
Spencer J. Whipple --to-- Stephen Angel Whipple
Stephen Anthony Whipple --to-- Steven William Whipple
Stevie J. Whipple --to-- Susan Lorraine Whipple
Susan Lynn Whipple --to-- Sylvester Kempton Whipple
Sylvester R. Whipple --to-- Thankful Whipple
Thankful Whipple --to-- Thomas Whipple
Thomas Whipple --to-- Thomas N. Whipple (Jr.)
Thomas O. Whipple --to-- Todd Paul Whipple
Todd Richard Whipple --to-- Valerie Jean Whipple
Valerie Marie Whipple --to-- Vide Ann Whipple
Vilate Whipple --to-- Vivian Marie Whipple
Vivian Olive Whipple --to-- Walter Frank Whipple
Walter G. Whipple --to-- Warren Whipple
Warren Whipple --to-- Wellington Whipple
Wellington Chancer Whipple --to-- Willard Whipple
Willard Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William C. "Willie" Whipple
William Calvin Whipple --to-- William H. Whipple
William H. Whipple --to-- William L. Whipple
William L. Whipple --to-- William Russell Whipple
William Russell Whipple --to-- Willie Whipple
Willie Whipple --to-- Xavior Brian Whipple
Yancy Pace Whipple --to-- twin Whipple
twin Whipple --to-- Horace Whitaker
Horace Wilkinson Whitaker --to-- Jonathan Whitcomb
Jonathan Whitcomb --to-- Alpha White
Alvin Bly White --to-- Donald E. White
Ebenezer White --to-- Hannah White
Hannah White --to-- Lucy Ann White
Lucy Hannah White --to-- Norman White
Norman White --to-- William White
William White --to-- Edward Clair Whitford
Eliza Whitford --to-- Rose Lydia Whiting
Ross Whittingham Whiting --to-- Susanna Whitman
Thomas Arnold Whitman --to-- Arathusa Whitney
Belinda Whitney --to-- Laura Noble Whitney
Linda Jean Whitney --to-- John Pierce Whiton
John Wilson Whiton --to-- Ella M. Wiant
Loren Wiant --to-- Wierman
Charles S. Wierman --to-- John Wightman
Lucy Lyn Wightman --to-- Clifford Earle Wilbur
Clint Wilbur --to-- Rachel Sayles Wilbur
Ralph Alton Wilbur --to-- Emma Nodin Wilcox
Estella Wilcox --to-- Reynolds Sherman Wilcox
Robert Wilcox --to-- Adelaide Wilder
Alexander Wilder --to-- Eunice Wilgus
Harriet L. Wilgus --to-- Isadore Hortense Wilkins
Jack Leroy Wilkins --to-- Alfred Wilkinson
Alfred Wilkinson --to-- Daniel Wilkinson
Daniel Wilkinson --to-- Garner or Gardner Wilkinson
George Wilkinson --to-- Joan Wilkinson
Joanna Wilkinson --to-- Lydia Wilkinson
Lydia Wilkinson --to-- Ransom Wilkinson
Ray Wilkinson --to-- Vernum Russel Wilkinson
Victoria J. Wilkinson --to-- Carolina Amelia Willard

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