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Index of Persons

165234 individuals, 62708 families from file 20210501.ged (1 May 2021)

Caroline L. Willard --to-- George Willard
George Willard --to-- Kitty Emma Willard (twin)
Laura E. Willard --to-- Sally Willard
Sally Willard --to-- Eunice Willey
Eva Velzora Willey --to-- April Williams
Ardella Grace Williams --to-- Eddie Arnold Williams
Edgar Williams --to-- Harry Williams
Harry S. Williams --to-- Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams --to-- Mary Williams
Mary Williams --to-- Phillip Williams
Phoebe Williams --to-- Seth Williams
Seton Sawyer Williams --to-- Zuri Williams
Williamson --to-- Mildred Willis
Molly Willis --to-- Mary Wilmarth
Olney C. Wilmarth --to-- Chloe Wilson
Christine Edwards Wilson --to-- Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson --to-- Leslie Wilson
Lizzie Josephine Wilson --to-- Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson --to-- Henry Winchester
Holland Wicks Winchester --to-- Jessie Wing
John Wing --to-- Isaac Winship
Joel Winship --to-- Abigail W. Winsor
Abigail W. Winsor --to-- Byron C. Winsor
Byron Henry Winsor --to-- Evelyn Winsor
Everett Cecil Winsor --to-- James Livingston Winsor
James W. Winsor --to-- Martin Chace Winsor
Mary Winsor --to-- Ruth Winsor
Sally Winsor --to-- Elizabeth Winter
Ella A. Winter --to-- John Henry Hyde "Jack" Wippell
Joseph Wippell --to-- Clara Elizabeth Wisely
John G. Wisely --to-- Charles Alva Witherell
Clayton Witherell --to-- Julius Witten
William Witten --to-- William Colgrove Wolff
Lorie Wolfgang --to-- Artemus A. Wood
Austin B. Wood --to-- Frank J. Wood
Franklin William Wood --to-- Kate Wood
Kathryn Wood --to-- Richard Wood
Richard Wood --to-- Robert Woodberry
Robert Woodberry (Jr.) --to-- Tom Woodcock
Mary Woodcocke --to-- Adeline Woodruff
Alice Robbins Woodruff --to-- Ollie Woodsides
Woodson --to-- Kate Steele Woodward
Kim Woodward --to-- Jane Woolen
Sidney Woolett --to-- Alice Elizabeth Worden
Alvah E. Worden --to-- James Worth
John Worth (Sergeant) --to-- Arthur Edward Wright
Asabel Wright --to-- Harold Wright
Harriet Wright --to-- Rob Wright
Robert Wright --to-- Connor Wybranowski
Kyle Wybranowski --to-- Larry Yackley (twin)
Lori Yackley (twin) --to-- Elizabeth Yeager
Harriet Yeager --to-- Wilbur H. Yeutter
Yezer --to-- John Youmans
John Michael Youmans --to-- Brigham Morris Young
Brigham S. Young (III) --to-- Ernest Young
Ernest Irving Young --to-- Henry Young
Henry Free Young --to-- Junius Young
Kane Lester Young --to-- Myron Albert Young
Myron Floyd Young --to-- Susan Lynn Young
Susanna Young --to-- James Edward Zaic
James Jerome Zaic --to-- Florence Zimmerman
Frank Zimmerman --to-- Cleo Marie Zumwalt
J. W. Zumwalt --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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