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164418 individuals, 62322 families from file 20210220.ged (20 Feb 2021)

A. C. --to-- John Aitken
Kathleen Aitken --to-- Earl Joseph Atkinson
Edward Atkinson --to-- Harriet D. Bennett
Hilda Loraine Bennett --to-- Ann Maria Theresa Brown
Ann Phillis Brown --to-- Roger Willard Cannon
Rowland Morrell Cannon --to-- James W. Colburn
Jeremiah Colburn --to-- Alice Dailey
Alice J. Dailey --to-- Albert Durfee
Almira Deseret "Deseret" Durfee --to-- Raymond Wilferd Fletcher
Rebecca Fletcher --to-- Thomas Campbell Gordon (Sr.)
Walter Edwin Gordon --to-- Elizabeth J. "Lizzie" Harris
Elizabeth Smith Harris --to-- John Bailey Holman
Joseph Willard Holman --to-- Linda Lu Jennings
Lois Beverly Jennings --to-- Mabel Kobliska
Charles Patrick Koboman --to-- John Lowiska
Lillian May Lown --to-- Benjamin Franklin Medbury
Betsy Medbury --to-- Louise Nash
Nathan Bassett Nash --to-- Henrietta Frances Packard
Henrietta Millett Packard --to-- Lenora E. Phillips
Leroy Olney Asaph Phillips --to-- Walter Augusts Remington
William Remington --to-- Elizabeth Mitchell Sayles
Ella Frances Sayles --to-- Jerome A. Smith (Dr.)
Jerome A. Smith --to-- Ella Mae Stimson
Joel G. Stimson --to-- Nathaniel Mervin Strope
Nellie Adeline Strope --to-- KaLeena Trembly
Lyle Dwayne Trembly (Jr.) --to-- Esther Watrous
Esther Watrous --to-- Clarence D. Whipple
Clarence E. Whipple --to-- Jane Whipple
Jane Whipple --to-- Rayna Whipple
Reade Darwin Whipple --to-- Vera Larraine Wilkinson
Vernum Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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