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163992 individuals, 62152 families from file 20201121.ged (21 Nov 2020)

A. C. --to-- Sharon
Sharron --to-- Lydia Angell
Lydia Angell --to-- Hannah Ballou
Hannah Ballou --to-- Jerusha Ann Bigsby
David E. Bigwood --to-- Brown
Brown --to-- Merlin Harvey Butler
Nancy Augusta Butler --to-- Wallace Leroy Chatterton
Joseph I. Chatwin --to-- Abigail Whipple Cooke
Alice Cooke --to-- Emma Daubin
Lewis Daubin --to-- Mary Ellen Dunbar
Mary L. Dunbar --to-- Sarah Fenson
Leonard K. Fentchy --to-- Lillian Iva Gardner
Lilly Edith Gardner --to-- John Manning Greenleaf
Lewis Stone Greenleaf --to-- Charles F. Harvey
Charles W. Harvey --to-- Inez Holdaway
Iretta Holdaway (twin) --to-- Esther Ivison
Henry Ivison --to-- James Albert Kellam
Leatha Kellar --to-- Junia S. Latham
Keith Michael Latham --to-- Mildred M.
MARY MCALOON --to-- Isabel McNeal
Adam Lytle McNees --to-- Albert J. Mowry
Albert J. Mowry --to-- Benjamin Olney
Benjamin Olney --to-- Daniel Parlin
Sarah or Sally Parling --to-- Charles E. Pierce
Charles Harrison Pierce (Jr.) --to-- Lois Elvira Follett Razee
Lucina Razee --to-- Catherine Jane Roy
Dora M. Roy --to-- Elwood Bert Shepard
Fern Agnes Shepard --to-- Richard Snow
Richard Carter Snow --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Waterman Stone (Jr.)
Watson P. Stone --to-- Edward Thurber
Edward Thurber (3rd) --to-- Julie Von Spreckelson
Lori Ann Von Spreckelson --to-- Christine Welge
Gay Welge --to-- Clyde Whipple
Clyde Whipple --to-- Henry Whipple
Henry Whipple --to-- Mary Whipple
Mary Whipple --to-- Wallace William Whipple
Wally Whipple --to-- Carrie Percy Wilson
Cassie Renee Wilson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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