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165257 individuals, 62720 families from file 20210508.ged (8 May 2021)

A. C. --to-- Susanna
Susanna --to-- Ruth Angell
Ruth Angell --to-- Phebe Ballou
Phebe Ballou --to-- Eleanor Bishop
Eleasar Bishop --to-- Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown --to-- Marguerite May Calkins
Mary Ann Calkins --to-- Elbridge Cilley
Eunice Cilley --to-- Patricia Ann Cosseboom
Colleen Costain --to-- De La Torre
Dolores De La Torre --to-- Benjamin Eddy
Bessie Eddy --to-- Henry M. Fitzhugh
Mary Grafton "Molly" Fitzhugh --to-- Archibald Gilchrist
Charles Gilchrist --to-- George Hahn
Ida Hahn --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Hazelton
William Hazelton --to-- Simeon Hovey
Solomon Hovey --to-- Thomas Jennings
Tim E. Jennings --to-- Dorothy Elizabeth Kinney
Edith Kinney --to-- John Libby
John Libby --to-- Judith Mason
Julia Augusta Mason --to-- Lois Milley
Lonnie Millgate --to-- Nevill
Neville --to-- John Gerry Orne
Maria Elizabeth Orne --to-- Isaac Perkins
Isaac Perkins --to-- Joseph Prince
Mary Prince --to-- Stephen J. Roach
Susan Roach --to-- George John Schwarer
Eleanor Schwartz --to-- Gideon C. Smith
Gilbert Smith --to-- Kylee Ann Steele
Lawrence Wayne Steele --to-- Luther Stone
Luther Stone --to-- Lucy S. Terrill
Steffi Edmunde Terrill --to-- Watson Peter Underwood
William Underwood --to-- Laura Ella Watrous
Lenard Watrous --to-- Burton Monroe "Bertie" Whipple
Burton William or William Burton Whipple --to-- George S. Whipple
George S. Whipple --to-- Lucy Miller Whipple
Lucy Olive Whipple --to-- Sterry P. Whipple
Steuben Whipple --to-- Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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