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Index of Persons

164053 individuals, 62182 families from file 20201128.ged (28 Nov 2020)

A. C. --to-- Joseph Alden
Joseph Alden --to-- Edward Auty
Joseph Auty --to-- Andrew Bertram
Robert de Bertram --to-- Ira Eben Brown
Irene E. Brown --to-- William Carpenter
William Carpenter --to-- True Comstock
Waite Comstock --to-- Emeline Davis
Emily Davis --to-- Susanna Marie Egger
Lorraine Marie Eggerling --to-- Floribel Fraser
Francis Fraser --to-- Phebe A. Greene
Phebe Eliza Greene --to-- Kenneth Eugene Hay
Martha Doyle Hay --to-- Moses Hubbard
Nancy Hubbard --to-- Laura G. Joslin
Lena M. Joslin --to-- Desire Leach
Donald Leroy Leach --to-- John W. Mason
Jonathan Mason --to-- Mary Moore
Mary Moore --to-- Charles N. Olney
Charles P. Olney --to-- Zoe Pena
Danny Pence --to-- Purdy
Alzina M. Purdy --to-- Thankful Rose
Valorie Ann Rose --to-- Cyril Simmons
Dana Allen Simmons --to-- Lucy Ann Staples
Luella Gertrude Staples --to-- Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone --to-- Kate W. Tillinghast
Martha Tillinghast --to-- Eva Ward
Fletcher D. Ward --to-- Benjamin R. Whipple
Benjamin S. Whipple --to-- Helen L. Whipple
Helen Lenita Whipple --to-- Nellie Elizabeth Whipple
Nellie Esther Marie Whipple --to-- Abigail Wild
Benjamin Wild --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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