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Index of Persons

165160 individuals, 62669 families from file 20210410.ged (10 Apr 2021)

A. C. --to-- Sarah Adams
Sarah A. Adams --to-- Stephen Arnold
Stephen Arnold --to-- Lilly Mae Beecroft
Charles Beede --to-- John Briggs
John Briggs --to-- Gary Kay Cain
Gene Robert Cain --to-- Charles H. Clarke
Charles R. Clarke --to-- Percy Livingston Crossman
Sabra W. Crossman --to-- Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Dokey
Gladys M. Dokey --to-- Elizabeth Fenner
Elizabeth Fenner --to-- Jacqueline German
Margaret German --to-- John Hall
John Hall --to-- Mary Lunette Herrick
Mary M. Herrick --to-- Seth Hutchinson
Stephen Hutchinson --to-- Philip Kellogg
Phillippe Kellogg --to-- Lydia Leland
Lydia Sherman Leland --to-- Elizabeth Tuller Masters
Irene Rose Masters --to-- Daniel Moon
Gregory Edwards Lawrence Moon --to-- Olalde
Mary Olcott --to-- Elizabeth M. Payne
Ella Maria Payne --to-- Ferdinand Potter
Ferdinand Potter --to-- Leon Winfield Rix
Lucy Rix --to-- Wilmer Hal Sell
Maude or Maud B. Sellars --to-- James Chaincery Snow
James Erastus Snow --to-- Daphne Stone
Daphne Stone --to-- Robert H. Sykes
Steve Sykes --to-- Mary Twitchell
Morris Twitchell --to-- Ann Eliza Webb
Annie Pierce Webb --to-- Daniel Peck Whipple
Daniel Robert Whipple --to-- Joab Whipple
Joab H. Whipple --to-- Rinaldo P. Whipple
Risetta A. Whipple --to-- William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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